Dan Beard ESA Scoutmaster Award

The Dan Beard Eagle Scout Association (ESA) recognizes Scoutmasters who have provided opportunity, experience, leadership, and guidance in advancing our youth to Eagle Scouts. The Dan Beard ESA Scoutmaster Award was created to recognize the influence that these Scoutmasters have shown in being mentors and role models to the youth of the Dan Beard Council (DBC). The recipient(s) will be recognized at an appropriate event.


  • Be a current or recent Scoutmaster in DBC.
  • Was the Scoutmaster of a Troop when a youth achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.
  • Provided the development of youth leadership within the troop.
  • Projected a positive image of Scouting in the community.


The Dan Beard ESA Scoutmaster Award recipient(s) will be selected by the Dan Beard ESA committee from the nominations submitted during the CURRENT year only. The award(s) will be presented at an appropriate event that will be communicated separately.

Nomination Process

  1. Submit nomination using the online form before the submission deadline date.

    Submission Deadline: June 30th

Scoutmaster Emblem (Patch)

Dan Beard ESA Scoutmaster Award Recipients


  • Michael Rechel – Troop 107
  • Mark Barth – Troop 239
  • Gary Banfield – Troop 502
  • Thomas Hale – Troop 354
  • Daniel Ogilve – Troop 850
  • Eric Saddler – Troop 974
  • James Carrol – Troop 640 


  • Steve Baumgardner – Troop 500
  • Jerry Valentour – Troop 293


  • Mark Duff – Troop 452
  • Gene O’Rourke – Troop 112
  • Joe Schneider – Troop 420

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