Join Sea Scout Ship 717

SSS Nautilus Ship 717 (the only Sea Scout Ship in Greater Cincinnati) is now accepting applications for new Sea Scouts ages 14 – 21 (co-ed). Anyone who wants to learn nautical skills should sign up today! SSS Nautilus Ship 717 meets every Tuesday at Lakeside Christian Church or at their boat house at 7:00pm. To be sure of the location, please phone or text Skipper, Tim Weber, at (859) 750-2402 or

Rank advancements, positions of leadership and sailing activities available for all crew members.

“Sailing on open water has helped me find inner peace. Nothing is more relaxing than being on the water, with nothing and no one dictating where you can go. It is also a valuable lesson in self reliance, for while there are adults there, waiting in the wings in case you falter, any mistake you make is your own. Likewise, any success you make is your own. Sea Scouts is an investment, what you get out of it is directly proportional to what you put in.”

– Sea Scout

Ask About Our Boat Donation Program
Contact Skipper, Tim Weber, at (859) 750-2402