An investment in Scouting is an investment in America’s future. Your support of Scouting will provide character development, citizenship training and leadership skills to the youth in your community.


As one of the nation’s largest and most effective youth development organizations, the Boy Scouts of America has served young men and women for more than 100 years. Together with your help, the Dan Beard Council will continue to inspire young people to make ethical and moral choices, become self-reliant, and take a prominent role in civic engagement over their lifetimes.

Supporting Scouting means being a member of a worldwide movement that stands for certain values and beliefs. Boy Scouting is more than something to do. It’s all about building leaders of strong moral character. As we look for vitality in our communities, we must be willing to put forth the commitment to guarantee that we do not lose our most precious resource – our children.

Providing youth with the stepping stones to positively affect their lives and those around them is the cornerstone on which the Boy Scouts of America is built. It is no longer optional to attract young people and prepare them to lead tomorrow; it is vital. We can prepare them today so that they can lead tomorrow, but only through teamwork with, and investment from individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations.

Our objective is to help this generation of young people develop strong moral character, become self-reliant, and be prepared to lead. We are as relevant and needed today as we were 100 years ago and, with ongoing support, will be so 100 years from now.