The Dan Beard Council Alumni Association (DBCAA) is the local chapter of the  National BSA Alumni AssociationWhether you’re an active Scouter, considering coming back to the campfire, or simply believe in the mission of Scouting, you’re invited to join! Dan Beard Alumni, like you, are passionate voices that strengthen the program, promote alumni accomplishments, and celebrate the Scouting spirit and traditions.


The mission of the Dan Beard Council Alumni Association (DBCAA) is to foster a community of BSA alumni that promotes the values, skills, and experiences gained through Scouting, while empowering and inspiring them to make a positive impact on Scouting and in their communities. Through collaboration, resource-sharing, and networking, we aim to strengthen the Dan Beard alumni community and advance the BSA’s mission of preparing young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes.


The vision of Dan Beard Council Alumni Association (DBCAA) is to be a resource for inspiration and support for BSA alumni, fostering a lifelong commitment to service, leadership, and personal growth.

National BSA Alumni Association

The purpose of the National BSA Alumni Association is to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan to foster lifelong relationships for alumni and encourage their gifts of time, talent, and philanthropy to Scouting. The association facilitates volunteer service to achieve established goals related to vibrant alumni membership programs, events, communications, awards, scholarships, council service, web stores, and revenue generation.

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