NESA Silver Wreath Award

In the mid-1970s, the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) committee established the NESA Silver Wreath Award for service to NESA. Local Councils with active NESA Committees may recognize individual leadership and/or service by committee members via the Silver Wreath Award. The award was suspended in the 1980s and reinstated in late 2023.

NESA Silver Wreath Award


  • Nominees must be a member in good standing of NESA for at least two years.
  • Nominee(s) must actively participate in NESA activities at the time of nomination.
  • Each Council NESA Committee may nominate two awards per calendar year.
  • Where one of the Key Three is nominated the other two members must approve. No more that one of the Key Three can be nominated in a calendar year and in such cases, the individual considered from among the Key Three cannot take part in the selection process.
  • The National NESA Committee may also use discretion to independently select and approve two awards per sub-committee to recognize NESA activity/service that extends beyond the local Council NESA Committee, such as within territory, and/or national levels. The National NESA Committee may also grant this award upon approval of the NESA President and does not count towards the Council allotment of Silver Wreath of the year awards.
  • Nominees may earn the NESA Silver Wreath Award one time only.
  • The Silver Wreath may not be granted posthumously.

Nomination Process

  1. Download the NESA Silver Wreath Award nomination form and complete all of the required information.
  2. Two supporting letters (maximum of 2) or recommendations may be attached not to exceed one page. Supporting letters are accepted electronically and should provide supporting evidence of worthiness to be honored with the NESA Silver Wreath Award recognition; not just personal recommendations, endorsements, or recapitulation of the nomination.
  3. Once the nomination form has been completed, it should be submitted  electronically using the button below before the nomintion deadline date. DO NOT SEND IT TO THE LOCATION LISTED ON THE OFFICIAL NOMINATION FORM.

    Nomination deadline: 3/31/2024
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NESA Silver Wreath Award Recipients in DBC


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