The Dan Beard Eagle Scout Association (ESA) is a group of Eagle Scouts who live, work, and play in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We are also the Council’s National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) Committee, though you need not be a member of NESA to be a member of the Dan Beard ESA. There are thousands of Eagles throughout the tri-state area. Some are homegrown and others earned their Eagle elsewhere. All are welcome in this association and are encouraged to join us as we work to ensure a quality experience for the next generation of Scouts.

Eagle Scout Medal


The mission of the Dan Beard ESA is to inspire Eagle Scouts to celebrate their accomplishments, compassions, and convictions through social interaction, community service, and Scouting enrichment.


The vision of the Dan Beard ESA is to inspire new generations of leaders, humanitarians, and visionaries through their life-long commitment to Scouting.

National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)

The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) exists to serve Eagle Scouts and, through them, the entire movement of Scouting. NESA delivers on its mission through national-level scholarships, as well as networking opportunities via the members section of their website. You do not have to be a member of NESA to be a member of Dan Beard ESA, or to participate in local Activities, but we do encourage all Eagles to consider joining NESA as well.

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