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2020 New Storefront Opportunities Are Here!

Bass Pro Shop and Advance Auto Parts have both come on board for popcorn storefronts this year!

To sign-up for a storefront shift or to learn more about these details click here.

2020 Popcorn Preview Webinar – Watch the Recording Below

Hosts: Joel Stone, Council Popcorn Chair, Board Member & Ken Brunner, DBC Director of Development & Marketing

A preview of the 2020 Popcorn Sale that includes new enhancements, digital tools, updates to this year’s sale, and ways to help Scouts sell safely.

Video Timeline
2020 Popcorn Plan and Overview: 0:00 – 5:00
New Sale Enhancements and Safe Ways to Sell: 5:00 – 14:15
Product Lineup: 14:15 – 20:40
Ordering Popcorn: 20:40 – 26:30
Pre-Sale: 26:30 – 29:53
Prizes: 29:53 – 31:30
Popcorn Rallies & Trails End Webinars: 31:30 – 35:00
Contact Us/Wrap Up/Questions: 35:00 – End

A Few Reasons Units Choose to Sell Popcorn

Check out the videos below as well.

When participating in popcorn, Scouts gain self-confidence, people skills, money management, salesmanship, and business ethics – things that help prepare them for life! These are great values and skills for youth to learn.  All proceeds stay right here to help support local Scouts. That’s 73% that goes to Scouting. While a portion of that goes to directly support your Scout unit, the remaining portion gets reinvested into supporting your unit, and into local programs and supplies. So by selling, you not only help your unit, but you help Scouting as a whole.  That means new equipment at camp like compound bows and fishing equipment, and enhanced facility improvements so that your unit can enjoy every moment of their stay. 


The Popcorn Kickoff Rallies will give you free supplies to aid your sale, learn important new updates, and hear some helpful hints and tips toward making your sale even more successful. It’s a one stop shop to get everything you need for Popcorn.

This year we’ll be having 2 Virtual Popcorn Rallies (July 23 and 27) and designated pickup locations in your district to pick up your materials.



For the past several years, the Dan Beard Council hosts a FREE Popcorn Festival in the Fall for all Scouts selling popcorn in 2020 (1 free Scout and 1 free accompanying adult)!  Just one more way popcorn supports your unit.  We are still planning to have a festival at this time.  More details will become available in the coming months.

Scouts will earn their “I’m Trained” Patch by attending several popcorn booths where they will have fun and learn about popcorn. Then, all attendees will get to explore the Natural History Museum and the Children’s Museum throughout the evening. We’ll also be giving out fun prizes and giveaways throughout the evening.

*Note: Siblings and family are typically also invited to attend with the purchase of additional tickets.

Additional details will be posted here.