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The health and safety of our Scouts, families, parents, and volunteers is the top priority for the Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America. Based on mandated safety protocols from local and state officials related to coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020, Scout meetings and activities quickly pivoted to a virtual format to allow our Scouts, families and volunteers the ability to continue their Scouting adventures by meeting from the comfort of their own homes.

Check out some of the exciting virtual programs we offered during the COVID-19 lock-down of 2020 below. Our Scouting at Home videos are great tools for creative pack meeting ideas and fun things you can do with your family any time of the year! Scouts were able to continue achieving rank advancement by completing virtual Merit Badges and virtual STEM NOVA courses! Covering topics such as Cooking, Public Health, Citizenship in the World, Scouting Heritage and more, Scouts were able to continue their Scouting adventure despite being on lock-down during the pandemic. In 2020, 612 merit badges, 150 Cub Scout NOVA’s and 90 Scouts BSA NOVA’s were earned by our virtual programs! 

The Dan Beard Council, BSA was one of the leaders in creating virtual content for our Scouts, in which, we paved the way for other Councils across the nation who were also able to share our programs virtually with their Scouts and volunteers.

Scouting at Home Video Series – Over 70 Scouting Activity Videos!

The Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America offers our Scouting units and families many opportunities to participate in Scouting activities from the comfort of their own home! Check out the Scouting at Home page for activities! 

From Cub Scout 30-Day Challenges, Cub Scout Guided Activities, Scouts BSA Activities and more, we have virtual activities that everyone could enjoy! Scouts even submitted their own activities that they recorded at home to share with others. This website is a one-stop shop for everything Scout activity related that offers hours of fun for any age!

Click on any of the images below to learn more about these exciting virtual programs and contests from the Dan Beard Council in 2020!

Here are just some of the fun activities our Scouts participated in during lock-down in 2020 due to the pandemic from virtual Merit Badges, a Campsite at Home contest, and a Golden Spoon Photo contest which encouraged Scouts to cook their favorite camp-style recipes at home! Click on the image to see the entire photo gallery.

Dan Beard Council Hosted a Stay at Home for Scouting Giving Campaign, Raising $49,101!

The Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America’s Stay At Home for Scouting Giving Campaign was a virtual fundraising campaign featuring a series of videos that aired over a two-day period on May 1-2, 2020 in conjunction with a nationwide virtual camporee. This excited event highlighted all of the benefits Scouting brings to our local youth in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area such as building academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership skills, and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives. During the closures due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020, the Dan Beard Council has developed innovative resources for our Scouts and families to continue their Scouting activities at home. Some of these included daily activity videos through our Scouting At Home initiative, virtual meetings, and virtual merit badge courses. All of these programs impact our Scouts and gives them the tools to flourish during a time of uncertainty. Read more…

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Total youth served by Dan Beard Council: 11,406

Scouting Continues to Evolve

In 2020, Scouting experienced a unique set of challenges as our nation dealt with a pandemic like we have never seen before. With new safety protocols in place – and donned with masks – leaders got creative and Scouting, Exploring and Venturing persevered. Scouts found new ways to leverage technology through the development of over 70 Scouting at Home videos. Summer camps enabled Scouts to still explore nature and obtain leadership skills, and Packs came together to support each other and those in need. Scouting continues to focus on preparing youth for the world today. Our families have been excited to find new ways participate in today’s Scouting programs and activities, which are designed with families in mind.

CUB SCOUTS: ​6,433
SCOUTS BSA: ​4,089


community service

Scouts are more likely than
non-scouts to hold a leadership position at work or in the community.

Long term Scouts are nearly as twice as likely as non-scouts to graduate from college.

Scouts BSA girl

Scouts are more likely to
embrace positive social values
 than non-scouts.

Scouts showed a four-fold increase in cheerfulness and kindness
when compared to non-scouts.

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How Your Friends of Scouting
Gift Changes Lives
In 2019,
Youth Were Served in Exploring

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused many programs, such as Exploring, to not operate last year but we are excited to continue the program in 2021!

*IN 2019, 689 YOUTH WERE SERVED IN EXPLORING, a youth career experiences and mentorship program for young men and women ages 14-20. Exploring posts have a focus on a single career field, such as Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Healthcare, Aviation or Engineering.

“You can actually see young people GROW, becoming members of the COMMUNITY as their CURIOSITY is satisfied through Exploring. We attract SHARP young people during their formative years.”

– Hal Shevers, Exploring Adult Volunteer

Here are the total number of Explorers in the different types of Posts in the Dan Beard Council in 2019:

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