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We are proud to report that there were
reported COVID-19
cases as a result of
participation in our summer camps in 2020!

Scouts embark on a new adventure each year through one of our summer camps and last year was no different. We are proud to report that there were zero reported COVID-19 cases as a result of participation in our summer camps in 2020. This can be attributed to the establishment of enhanced health and safety protocols including temperature checks, social distancing, hand sanitizer stations and restricted access across groups.

Scouts were able to get back to a new sense of normal, experiencing outdoor adventure through hiking, orienteering and S.T.E.M. activities. With activities tailored to the age and rank of the Scout, there are many opportunities for Scouts to try something new or to hone-in on the craft they enjoy the most. Summer camp encourages the development of sportsmanship, character and citizenship through mental and physical fitness challenges including programs like kayaking, rappelling, skilled trades, and more.

In addition, summer virtual programs provided an opportunity for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA to participate in Merit Badge Challenges, Adventure Boxes and badge offerings. These summer virtual programs provided an opportunity for 595 Scouts another way to participate in Summer programs.

Scouts Attended
Camp Friedlander Adventures
(4 Week-long Sessions in 2020)
Scouts Attended Cub Scout
Saturday Adventures
(3 Saturdays in Summer of 2020)
Dan Beard Council
Adult Camp Staff
(Camp Friedlander in 2020)
Our Scouts participate in fun and exciting activities when they attend summer camp at Cub World and Camp Friedlander, a part of the Dan Beard Council Scout Reservation.

Camp Michaels Construction is Underway in 2020!

Camp Michaels located near Union, Kentucky, has been welcoming Scouts from Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio since 1944. Throughout its history, the camp’s rustic charm has made it a favorite spot for countless unit camp-outs and events. Additionally, Camp Michaels has been the Dan Beard Council’s primary home for the National Youth Leadership Program (NYLT).

Over the last few years, the Dan Beard Council has been conducting a special fundraising campaign specify aimed at making several improvements to the property. In 2020, we shared some big news: the campaign has raised nearly $5 million from many wonderful donors and construction is now underway, and set to re-open in Summer 2021!

Youth Attended NYLT
in Fall 2020 held at
Camp Friedlander!

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is an exciting and powerful program designed to provide members of the Boy Scouts of America (ages 13 and over) with leadership skills and experience they can use to lead themselves and others. This week-long outdoor experience is designed to compliment leadership training at the unit level and is modeled after professional business leadership trainings. The training course centers on the concepts of what a leader must BE, KNOW, and DO. Click here for details!

Below are just an example of activities that our Scouts participate in while attending National Youth Leadership Training. Click on the photos below to see the entire photo. To see additional photos, click here.

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