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We Provided Scouting Outreach Programs
to Over
Youth in 2020!

ScoutREACH is our commitment to making sure that every child has an opportunity to be a Scout, regardless of their circumstances, neighborhood, or ethnic background. The organized program provides a safe environment for youth with positive adult role models who teach kids about healthy living, introduce future career opportunities, and reinforce character development. The Dan Beard Council provided Scouting outreach programs to over 800 Youth this past year. Typically, this program is operated in-school and after-school at various Cincinnati Public Schools, and other local schools in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Due to the pandemic in 2020, we partnered with local school partners to help to deliver virtual Scouting programs. Video and virtual programs were used to supplement in-person content and program delivery. We also made adjustments to the staffing, programs, scheduling and more to take appropriate measures to maintain strong health and safety protocols across all of our in-school and after-school programs.

Special thanks to all of our outreach sponsors, especially:

Youth Attended Challenge Camp Free of Charge
in 2020

Challenge Camp, one of the showcase initiatives of ScoutREACH, helped to offer an outdoor summer camp experience free of charge to 35 youth from all walks of life and many youth from the inner city in 2020 despite a pandemic. We are proud to report that there were zero reported COVID-19 cases as a result of participation in our summer camps. This can be attributed to the establishment of enhanced health and safety protocols including temperature checks, social distancing, hand sanitizer stations and restricted access across groups. The diversified group of volunteers who deliver the annual program include a mix of businessmen, police, firefighters, and community leaders. In addition to facilitating fun outdoor programming, the volunteers mentor their group through team building initiatives and personal interaction. Click here to learn more about Challenge Camp!

Much has been written about the plight of the inner city youth and the struggles they face with respect to drugs, gangs and poverty. Challenge Camp is an open door to a different world where youth get an opportunity to see and work with successful men and women from the world of business and government. Many of these youth would often say ‘Do you think I could be like you when I grow up?’ A tear would often start to fall from my eye as I realized that without hope for a better future, what do these youth have? Challenge Camp gives them a chance to be around nature and dream/plan for a positive future by developing a positive self-image. Please continue your support of these boys and girls.
Al Beasley
Challenge Camp Mentor



The Dan Beard Council is proud to partner with the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Warren County, and Butler County. Through our partnership, Scouting delivers local outreach programs and initiatives throughout the year for youth from all walks of life, many from the inner city. Click here for a few of the key highlights.

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