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Cub Scouts (Grades K-5)

We would like to offer our Cub Scouts units and families opportunities to participate in Scouting activities from the comfort of their own home! Check out the videos below, and visit this page often for frequent updates as there will be a new video added daily. Also, check out our initial 30-Day Challenges on the page for Scouting At Home!

Remember that it is still important to follow Youth Protection policies even through online meetings and Scouting activities. Here is a link to the BSA Online and Social Media Guidelines. 

*Please Note: Be sure to talk to a parent or guardian before trying these at home.
Cub Scouts Boys

For more in-depth guided videos and activities that your Cub Scouts Den or Pack can use to bring everyone together to have fun, check out this section! Click Here for Details!



DAY 1: 30-Day Challenge Calendars

DAY 2: How to Build A First Aid Kit

DAY 3: STEM – Diet Coke & Mentos

DAY 4: How To Plant A Tree

DAY 5: Tree Identification

DAY 6: Chess

DAY 7: Flag Folding with Troop 128, Milford

DAY 8: Leave No Trace Campfire

DAY 9: Flameless Campfire

DAY 11: Paper Airplanes

DAY 12: 10 Essentials to Pack in a Backpack

DAY 13: Scout Cares – Cards for Seniors

DAY 14: Two Half Hitches with Ethan from Troop 947

DAY 15: Golden Spoon & Campfire Grilled Cheese with T.J.

DAY 16: How To Identify Invasive Species

DAY 17: Cub Scout Service with Scouts from Pack 846

DAY 18: Cub Scouts Lava Lamp

DAY 19: Learn 3 Card Tricks for Kids!

DAY 20: Daley Campsite and Scout Handbooks

DAY 21: Backpack Fitting with Jason

DAY 22: Fire Cracked Rock

DAY 23: Cast Iron Pan Seasoning Tips & Tricks

DAY 24: Foil Pack Dinners

DAY 25: Frog Habitat with Morgan

DAY 26: Stamat Makes Donuts!

DAY 27: Build a Container Garden

DAY 28: Hiking & Camping Durable Surfaces

DAY 29: Knife Safety and Sharpening with Sully from Pack 888 & Kallum of Troop 617

DAY 30: Michael, Eagle Scout from Troop 940, Tells Us About Sleeping Bags!

DAY 31: Virtual Camporee Camp-In Invite

DAY 32: Hammock Camping with Jason

DAY 33: Camp Stoves

DAY 34: Pioneering Knots

DAY 35: Obstacle Course In Your Home

DAY 36: How to Make a Bird House with Michelle

DAY 37: Intro to Fire Week

DAY 38: Fire Week – One Match Method

DAY 39: Fire Week – Wax Fire Starter

DAY 40: Fire Week – Steel Wool

DAY 41: Fire Week – Flint & Steel

DAY 42: Fire Week – Fire with Friction with Alex

DAY 43: First Aid Week: CPR

DAY 44: First Aid Week: Burns

DAY 46: First Aid Week: Blister Care

DAY 47: First Aid Week: Neckerchief Sling

DAY 48: Stamat Talks About Snapping Turtles

DAY 49: Morgan Talks About Bat Boxes

DAY 50: Screech Owl Boxes with Morgan

DAY 51: Basic Survival Kit

DAY 52: Leave What You Find

DAY 53: Conclusion to Scouting at Home

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