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July Sale Timeline

July 23                             Virtual Popcorn Rally #1 – Register Now

July 27                             Virtual Popcorn Rally #2 – Register Now

July 28 – July 30             Popcorn Rally Material Pick-Up

*With the health and safety in mind, our Popcorn Rallies will be held virtually this year. Please make sure that your unit is enrolled the 2020 Popcorn Sale so that we can send you the most relevant information and updates.


August Sale Timeline

August 12                        Initial Show & Sell Popcorn Order Due

August 15                       Pre-Sale 5% Bonus Ends

August Checklist

□ Work with your unit committee to set unit sales goal
□ Set Date for Unit Popcorn Kickoff for early Sept.
□ Organize a Unit Popcorn Team
□ Log into Trail’s End website and update contact info
□ Attend one of the Popcorn Rallies
□ “Like” Dan Beard Council Popcorn Facebook
□ Setup other store front sale locations (Lowe’s, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.)
□ Setup Blitz days


September Sale Timeline

To Be Determined            Popcorn Festival – Details here

September 3                    Show & Sell Popcorn Sort Day

September 4                    Show & Sell Popcorn Distribution

September 16, 22, 30*   Warehouse Day – Ohio Location

September 17 & 23*      Warehouse Day – Kentucky Location

September 19                 Popcorn Adventure Blitz Day

September Checklist

□ Hold an Exciting Unit Popcorn Kickoff!
□ Schedule your Popcorn Pick-up Time
□ Setup your Blitz Days
□ Participate in the Council-Wide Blitz
□ Encourage Scouts to get out and sell
□ Conduct your storefront sales


October Sale Timeline

October 1&7*       Warehouse Day (Kentucky Location)

October 6*            Warehouse Day (Ohio Location)

TBD                         Popcorn Transfer Nights  

*October 21           Updated from the 14th  First Take Order Options for Unit Orders is Due via online on Trail’s End Website

October 23            Show & Sell (Initial Order) Payment Due

October Checklist

□ Communicate with parents on inventory
□ Track progress and order more popcorn or trade with others
□ Return any popcorn you don’t intend to sell
□ Calculate inventory and amount needed
□ Place final order to fill remaining take orders
□ Collect patch order details

November Sale Timeline

November 5            Popcorn Sort Day

November 6            Popcorn Distribution

November 18          New Extended Final Take Orders from the Unit are Due to be Submitted in the online system.

Late November      Submit Prize Orders (once account is settled – can be in December as well). Prizes will count through Dec. 31.

November Checklist

□ Patch and bonus prize orders are automatic
□ Schedule your Popcorn Pick-up Time


December Sale Timeline

December 1               Final Payment Due for Non-Extended Sales (Those who placed final order on Oct. 21 and picked up Nov. 6).

     Office Hours for check drop off Nov. 28, 29 & Dec. 2 (8:30am-5pm)
     – Check can be mailed, but MUST be postmarked by December 2nd

December 23            Final Payment Due for those participating in the Extended Sale (placed final order on Nov. 18 for pickup Dec. 11)

Early 2021                Top Sellers VIP Game Event (1,750 Point Club and above)

December Checklist

□ After making your unit’s final popcorn payment, you can submit your Scout’s rewards from the Trail’s-End Leader Dashboard. *Payment must be made before rewards can be submitted.


*Warehouse dates subject to change based on warehouse schedule.