Popcorn Account Settlement Payments and Invoices

Account Settlement Payments:  FAQ Items Below

Units are expected to carefully manage their inventory and finances so they are able to pay for their product in a timely manner and should expect their Scouts and parents to do likewise. You may settle your account with: CASH, CHECK, or CREDIT CARD* (cc fees apply).

Late fees will be assessed if received on or after the dates below for settlements received after the final due date.

For example, see below (2023 dates coming soon):

December  6, 2023       2% late fee

December 11, 2023      4% late fee

December 18, 2023      6% late fee

December 31, 2023      8% late fee

The unit’s prizes will be approved only when the unit has settled their account.

*We can take credit card payments, but all credit card payments will incur a 2% processing fee.

Payment and Invoice FAQ’s

Simply click on “Popcorn Orders” in the left menu of your popcorn dashboard. At the top of the screen, click the blue “Invoice Statement” button.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the invoice (after any credits or debits) to Balance Due Council. This is the correct total.  Click the blue button above for an example.

This year invoices look a little bit different. Because we absorbed the cost of credit card processing fees, you are seeing the credits and commissions from the transactions show up on your invoice as a deduction of the final amount you owe. In addition this year, rather than receiving a separate check later for online commissions, these commissions are also being auto-deducted off your final bill so that you owe less at the end. This also means less money that you have to account for throughout the sale.

We’ll be applying bonus commissions the week of 10/28, so you may not see these reflected just yet. Many units will cross one of the bonus thresholds with the final order they submit. After we process all of the final orders that were submitted and we know each units total, we can apply the bonus commissions.  You’ll notice this applied to your final invoice.

While we try to avoid this for the benefit of both you and us, it does occasionally happen.  But no worries, we will cut a check back to your unit for the amount over.  We can place this in the your unit account a the Scout Achievement Center, or we can mail your unit a check.  We’ll want to verify who the check should be sent to.  Note: Deposit into the unit account will be the default action if we cannot reach the unit.

No problem.  Your entire payment will show up as payment on your popcorn account so all will be reconciled with your final invoice/payment.  For most units, they will be placing a final order.  In this case, the overpayment will just be applied to remaining balance due after the final order.  If your unit is either is not placing a final order or has a small order, we will cut a check back to your unit for any overage.