Thank you for joining the Dan Beard Council Alumni Association (DBCAA)! 

Please also consider registering for the BSA Alumni Directory. Refer to the information below for additional details.

BSA Alumni Directory

As part of the ongoing effort to connect with and re-engage alumni, the BSA Alumni Association National Committee has created a BSA Alumni Directory called SPARK.  SPARK allows an alumnus to register with the BSA Alumni Association,  and update their Scouting history and personal information. It has a search capability to search by name, council and unit affiliation, occupation, and much more.

Creating a BSA Alumni Directory account connects you to the friends you made, the memories you share, and the adventures that helped shape the person you are today. Sign up today to update your profile so your fellow alumni can find you and you can reconnect with the friends you miss – perhaps around the campfire…

If you already have a account, then you should just be able to log into the SPARK database and review your contact information. You can create a new account using the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button at the bottom of the main SPARK page if you are not currently registered.

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