BSA Alumni Award

The BSA Alumni Award is a recognition program to encourage participation and work in Council alumni relations programs and activities including the DBC Alumni Association, DBC Camp Staff Alumni Association, DBC Eagle Scout Association, Order of the Arrow, and DBC Silver Beaver Alumni Association. Areas of work include alumni identification/promotion, alumni engagement, personal participation, and education.

Alumni Award Knot


  • Presented to Scouting alumni who promote continued engagement with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).
  • Registered adult Scouters may submit a completed application for approval by the Dan Beard Alumni Association committee. Approved applications are forwarded to the National Alumni Relations Committee. 
  • Those approved will be sent a certificate that can be used to purchase a square knot and/or lapel pin from the local Scout Shop.

Application Process

  1. Download the BSA Alumni Award application form and fill it out with all the required information.
    • The DBC Alumni Scouting Journeys page is available for use if you decide to complete requirement “II. Marketing > 3. Write a minimum of two paragraphs about how Scouting has impacted your life. Share your ‘Scouting story’ on a Scouting social media site (unit, council, national), community blog, or letter to the editor.”
    • The national BSA Alumni store is currently closed, so completing the “II. Marketing > 4. Present Alumni Service Commemoration(s) for 25, 50 or 75 years to three qualified alumni.” requirement option is currently NOT possible.

  2. Once the application form has been completed, it should be submitted to theDan Beard Alumni Association either electronically or send to:

    Dan Beard Alumni Association
    Attention: Awards (BSA Alumni Award)
    10078 Reading Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45241

    Submission Deadline: None/Ongoing Award

    Submission deadline for presentation at the 2024 Council Recognition Event is April 15, 2024.

BSA Alumni Award Recipients in DBC

  • David Dougherty
  • Charlie Garrison
  • Wayne Kalkwarf
  • Ted Langdon
  • Matt Scherocman
  • Robert Taylor
  • Connor Thompson
  • Craig Vollmar

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