North Star Award

The North Star Award is a high-level award for non-registered volunteers who have made a significant contribution to Scouting. The award is presented by Dan Beard Council (DBC) on the behalf of the BSA National Court of Honor.

This award is on same level as the Silver Beaver Award which recognizes registered Scouters for their  distinguished service. The North Star award does not supplement or replace the Silver Beaver Award as its purpose is to recognize non-Scouters.

North Star Award


  • Nominees must be a non-registered Scouting supporters that hasve performed distinguished service to youth in Scouting.
  • An individual who was previously registered with the BSA but is currently not registered is eligible to receive this award. 
  • Any contributions made as a registered Scouter cannot and must not be considered. Only those contributions made as a non-Scouter may be considered for the North Star Award.
  • Nominations cannot be for posthumous awards.
  • Please note that some honorees may be highlighted in Scouting magazine.

Nomination Process

  1. Download the North Star Award nomination form and fill it out with all the required information.

  2. Once the nomination form has been completed it should be submitted electronically to the DBC Alumni Association Committee at least 60 days prior to the intended presentation date.


    Submission Deadline: None/Ongoing Award

    Submission deadline for presentation at the 2024 Council Recognition Event is April 15, 2024.

North Star Award Recipients in DBC

  • TBD

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