The purpose of the College of Commissioner Science is to provide supplemental training for all functions in the council and district related to commissioner service. It is recognized that commissioners are key to the continued health and growth of the units in the council. The College of Commissioner Science will provide the supplemental training to aid the commissioners in providing outstanding unit service.

Courses offered address National, Regional, and Area programs of emphasis, local council concerns, and pertinent topics.


General requirements for all degree work include current registration as a commissioner, completion of Commissioner Orientation, Commissioner Basic Training, and Youth Protection Guidelines Training. Requirements for the non-accredited degrees and certificate in College of Commissioner Science are as follows:

Associate Degree: Awarded to all non-degreed students upon completion of four (4) class sessions of training (while as a student or instructor).

Bachelor Degree: Awarded upon completion of seven (7) class sessions of training not spanning more than two (2) consecutive years (while as a student or instructor).

Masters Degree: Awarded upon completion of seven (7) class sessions after obtaining a Bachelor Degree, not spanning more than two (2) consecutive years (while as a student or instructor), earned the Arrowhead Honor. 

Doctorate Degree: Awarded upon completion of at least ten (10) class sessions after obtaining a Masters Degree (either as a student or instructor), for a total of 24 class sessions. Other requirements include completion of the Doctoral Thesis or project as prescribed in the offered courses, and previously been awarded the Commissioner’s Key and served on the staff of the College of Commissioner Science for at least one year. The thesis or project must be approved in advance by the Doctoral Committee.

NOTE: There are requirements in addition to course attendance. Degrees will not be awarded until all requirements are verified. In order for degrees to be awarded on the day of the college we will need all of the required documentation of prerequisites submitted in advance of the college. Please check the prerequisites (located in the Administration of Commissioner Service Manual) and submit them to our Dean of Academic Affairs. The students may bring the documents with them on the day of the college, but we can’t guarantee that the registrar will have enough time to enter it in the student’s records. Photo copies of the documentation (BSA certificates, transcripts, degree certificates, etc.) are sufficient.

For a complete description of the courses offered please see the list in your Administration of Commissioner Manual. You can download the latest version by clicking here.

As you read the requirements for earning a Doctor of Commissioner Science degree, you will find a fair amount of information on writing a thesis.  As a service to all, prior submitted Doctoral Theses are posted here as a guide for those looking at completing their thesis or scouters looking for information on topics researched.