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District Commissioners

District Commissioner - Emblem

Michael Pillman

East Fork District Commissioner

District Commissioner - Emblem

Tom Montgomery

Fort Ancient District Commissioner

District Commissioner - Emblem

Kevin Owen

Fort Hamilton District Commissioner

Mike Wood

Michael Wood

Little Miami District Commissioner

Carolos Teran

Queen City District Commissioner

District Commissioner - Emblem

Thomas Reckner

Trailblazer District Commissioner

District Commissioner - Emblem

Robert Beckman

Whitewater Trails District Commissioner

Council Commissioner

Doug Siebenburgen

Doug Siebenburgen

Council Commissioner

  • Envisions what effective Unit Service in the Council will look like and what goals must be accomplished to fulfill that vision.
  • Represents volunteers and Scouts to the Council’s executive board, executive committee, and its professionals.
  • Recruits Assistant Council Commissioners and an adequate number of other Administrative, Roundtable, and Unit Commissioners to provide effective Unit Service.
  • Retains Commissioners and units (ensuring Commissioners are given assignments that fit well with their passion, potential, and priorities and recognizing their achievements and that units receive effective service to support retention).
  • Enables Commissioners to be successful (including ensuring Commissioners complete onboarding, and training, are given assignments that are a good match for their passion, potential and priorities, are provided with a clear definition of success and are recognized for their achievements).

Council Commissioner Service Team

Jack Ball

Council Commissioner Service Team Chair

  • Service Team Resource Lead
  • Commissioner Recognition

The Commissioner Service Chair functions as the lead for the Council Commissioner Service Team encouraging their continuing training and development, and recognizing their achievements and impact. Working directly with the Council Commissioner, this role offers guidance and support in the development of resources for the purpose of strengthening relationships and service to our Commissioners and unit volunteers.

Tom Forsythe

Tom Forsythe

Unit Service Support Chair

  • Onboarding/ Training
  • College of Commissioner Science (CCS)

The Unit Service Support Chair is responsible for development and maintenance of training and onboarding materials and processes that enable Commissioners to ensure that every member of Scouting America has a great Scouting experience, encouraging their continuing training and development, and recognizing their achievements and impact.

Ron Bacu

Ron Bacu

Commissioner Engagement Chair

  • Recruitment Support
  • Engagement Coach

The Commisioner Engagement Chair connects District Commissioners with the resources to effectively recruit, train, guide, and evaluate the required Commissioner personnel of the District.

Chris Michelson

Commissioner Recruitment Specialist

  • Works with Commissioner Engagement Chair
  • Leverages and Facilitates Friend storming

The Commissioner Recruitment Specialist collaborates closely with the Commissioner Engagement Chair to develop and implement recruitment strategies, ensuring a robust pipeline of qualified Commissioner personnel.

Emily Bills

Emily Bills

Communications Chair

  • Social Media/Promotions
  • Newsletter Content/Updates

The Communications Chair serves as a Scribe to the Service Team and manages all internal and external communications by providing relative information, shared best practices and Commissioner Resources as needed.

Craig Vollmar

Craig Vollmar

Technology Chair

  • Commissioner Tools Reporting
  • Unit Renewal Reporting

The Technology Chair helps provide commissioners with an understanding of the functionality of BSA applications such as: Commissioner Tools, Training Manager, Member Manager, Membership Renewal, and Unit Renewal.



Registrar Support Chair

  • Unit Renewal Assistance
  • Registration Support

The Registrar Support Chair works directly with the Council Registrar in conjunction with the Commissioner Technology Chair to ensure a timely and successful annual unit & membership renewal processing.

Cathy Carlson

Cathy Carlson

Roundtable Resource Chair

  • Roundtable Network Engagement
  • Planning Resources

The Roundtable Resource Chair ensures that Roundtable Commissioners have the resources to provide information, captures information, offers current program training, and provides networking opportunities. Building on the foundation provided by position-specific basic training and each leader’s commitment to serving youth through Scouting.

Paul Jon Dreier

Jon Dreier

Records Administration Chair

  • Commissioner Reports
  • College of Commissioner Science (CCS) Registrar

The Records Administrative Chair provides accurate and historical tracking of commissioner registration, training and recognition data and through monthly reporting. This role also serves as the Registrar for the Council College of Commissioner Science, maintaining course curriculum coding standards and individual degree path transcripts for participants and instructors.

Scott Douglass

Scott Douglass

Service Team Resource Specialist

  • Assists with special projects and Service Team initiatives
  • Provides additional resources

The Service Team Resource Specialist assists with special projects and Service Team initiatives, providing additional resources to ensure the successful implementation and execution of the Council Commissioner Service Team’s objectives. This role is vital for supporting various tasks and offering supplementary assistance to enhance the team’s overall effectiveness.

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