NRA Grant Funding Helped to Make A Better Shooting Experience

NRA Chapters in Kentucky provided thousands of dollars in grant funding in 2015 to the Dan Beard Council. These funds provided for new Genesis Bows, ammunition, shotgun targets and many other beneficial program supplies. These funds provided the Dan Beard Council with the ability to improve the program for our Scouts and offer a safe and enjoyable experience. Please help us to extend our thanks!

Dan Beard Council Official Shooting Sports policies, rules, and regulations can be found by reading our Standard Operating Procedures. These policy standards are updated as national and Dan Beard Council policy changes, and are designed to be both informative and easy to access. For the Boy Scouts of America National Shooting Sports Manual, click here.


For many Scouts, Summer Camp is their first experience shooting a BB gun or a rifle, or drawing back a bow, and for many it can spark a life-long passion. We understand that finding other opportunities to fuel that passion and develop your skills can be difficult and expensive. For that reason, we offer many ways in which a Troop, Pack, Crew or individual Scout can come to camp year round and experience safe and fun Shooting Sports activities.

If you have questions about the Dan Beard Council Shooting Sports, please call the Scout Achievement Center at (513) 577-7700 and we will get you in touch with the proper person.


If you are a Scouting Unit looking for somewhere to hold your next shooting sports activity, then the ranges at the Dan Beard Scout Reservation may be the place for you! The ranges can be rented for a morning session of 8AM until Noon or an afternoon session of 1PM until 5PM. We welcome Scouting, Non-Profit, and Corporate groups, and prices are always reasonable. Our Council Shooting Sports Committee provides Rangemasters, Instructors, and/or Range Safety Officers for your convenience on the 3rd weekend of every month. The other weekends of the month are available for those units who already have trained adults to oversee the ranges.


Cub Scouts can participate in BB or Archery programs and can earn the Belt Loops when you use the ranges and instructors at Cub World.  Both target and “action” shooting are available to give scouts the opportunity to enjoy these programs again and again.

Boy Scouts can shoot bows and arrows at our Archery Ranges, or .22 rifles and shotguns at the Camp Friedlander Shooting Sports Complex. Scouts can work on the associated merit badges or just do some recreational shooting with their troop using some of our new plinking targets.

Venture Scouts can do all of this and they can try their hand at pistol shooting with our new Ruger Mark III handguns.


Do your Scouts love the Shooting Sports? Just can’t get enough of the Boom! Bang! and Twang! at the Ranges? Come shoot with us!

Cub Packs can use the BB and Archery ranges on weekends, and Troops and Crews can also use the Rifle and Shotgun ranges. The Shooting Sports Committee provides trained instructors on the third Sunday of every month in addition to the numerous Open Shoot events during the Spring and Fall seasons. If you have your own trained instructors, you can come out any available weekend you like! BB and Archery Ranges need one trained Range Master for every 8 shooters. We offer the two-year Range Master training for FREE several times a year; just check the Training Calendar for the next course. Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol (for Venture Crews) events need separate NRA training. Send your leaders to us for these valuable trainings, also listed on the Training Calendar on several different dates throughout the year. If your troop has its own NRA trained leaders, you’re much more likely to have more access to the shooting ranges for work on Merit Badges, target practice, and qualifications towards the NRA Marksman program. Safety and fun are always the names of the game when you’re enjoying the Shooting Sports with the Dan Beard Council!


The shooting sports programs at the Dan Beard Scout Reservation are run by trained volunteers and staff.  Our Instructors and Range Safety Officers are locally trained as BSA and NRA instructors by NRA Training Counselors.  The instructors will make sure your Scouts have a fun and exciting experiences while ensuring they learn and observe the rules of safe gun handling.


In order to operate any of the ranges at the Dan Beard Scout Reservation, a certified instructor must oversee the activities. BB and Archery ranges require the presence of a trained Range Master. Use of the Shooting Sports Complex at Camp Friedlander for Rifle, Shotgun, or Pistol requires NRA Instructors in addition to NRA Range Safety Officers. If your unit does not have trained personnel to operate the ranges, the Shooting Sports Committee of the Dan Beard Council is happy to provide the necessary staff if given at least a 30-day notification. This 30-day notification is necessary to ensure we can find trained and qualified supervision for any shooting activity for all Council, District, and Unit-level shooting events.

The ranges can be rented for a morning Session of 8AM until Noon or an afternoon session of 1PM until 5PM. To reserve a shooting range for your unit, contact the Dan Beard Council at (513) 577-7700 to check availability. More information about reserving camp can be found on the Facility Rental page.


Below are the Shooting Sports Training that are coming up at camp. Reserve your spot today as they fill up quickly!

  • Archery & BB Gun Range Master Training
    Cost: FREE
    Registration Coming Soon!

    April 18, 2020                 9am – 4pm (Lunch not included)               Cub World

  • Youth Shoot: Shotgun & .22 Rifle – Finish your MB from Summer Camp
    Cost: $35

    Registration Coming Soon!

    April 18, 2020                 9am – 2pm (Lunch not included)               Camp Friedlander

    September 19, 2020      9am – 2pm (Lunch not included)              Camp Friedlander

    November 7, 2020          9am – 2pm (lunch not included)              Camp Friedlander

  • USA Archery: Level 1 Instructor Class
    Cost: TBD

    Class Schedule TBD

  • USA Archery: Level 2 Instructor Class
    Cost: TBD

    Class Schedule TBD


Do you enjoy Shooting Sports and want to help teach Scouts about the exciting opportunities and that come with competitive and recreational shooting? Then you should consider becoming a NRA Instructor. The Dan Beard Council puts on several instructor training for Scouters who want to become merit badge counselors or want to add Shooting Sports to their unit program.

  • NRA Range Safety Officer
    Cost $75 ($90 Non-Scouter) + NRA fees

    February 8, 2020                                 8:00 am – 5:00 pm                                          Camp Friedlander

  • NRA Basic Instructor Training
    Cost $35 ($50 Non-Scouter)

    Must attend Basic Instructor Training within the past 24 months to become an Instructor.

    March 20, 2020                                   5:00 pm – 11:00 pm                                        Camp Friedlander

    April 3, 2020                                       5:00 pm – 11:00 pm                                        Camp Friedlander

    April 24, 2020                                     5:00 pm – 11:00 pm                                        Camp Friedlander

    May 8, 2020                                        5:00 pm – 11:00 pm                                        Camp Friedlander

  • NRA Pistol Instructor (Includes Basic Pistol)
    Cost $160 ($225 Non-Scout) + NRA fees (2-Day Course)

    March 21-22, 2020                             Saturday 8:00 am – Sunday 3:00 pm              Camp Friedlander

  • NRA Muzzleloading Instructor (Includes Basic Muzzleloading)
    Cost $160 ($225 Non-Scout) + NRA fees (2-Day Course)

    April 4-5, 2020                                   Saturday 8:00 am – Sunday 3:00 pm              Camp Friedlander

  • NRA Rifle Instructor (Includes Basic Rifle)
    Cost $160 or ($225 Non-Scout) + NRA fees (2-Day Course)

    April 25-26, 2020                               Saturday 8:00 am – Sunday 3:00 pm              Camp Friedlander

  • NRA Shotgun Instructor (Includes Basic Shotgun)
    Cost $160 ($225  Non-Scout) + NRA fees (2-Day Course)

    May 9-10, 2020                                  Saturday 8:00 am – Sunday 3:00 pm             Camp Friedlander

For questions on NRA Instructor Training, contact Tony Scovanner at (513) 518-3212 or