“Be Prepared” for an awesome summer camp experience at Camp Friedlander! These pages have information on what you and your unit need to do to prepare to make the most out of your week of camp. The articles below will help you best prepare for camp. Be sure to read the Camp Guide thoroughly as well, as it is the main source of information about camp policies, procedures, forms, and programs.


Click here to find the Camp Friedlander Guide on the Camp Forms page. The Camp Friedlander Guide is the main source for all information regarding summer camp programs, camp policies and procedures, maps, and much more. All of the required registration forms and camper paperwork have been removed from the Camp Guide, and are available on the camp forms page.

To make sure everything is ready for the very best camp experience your Scouts can possibly have, the camp leadership team will host a weekly Ten-Day-Out meeting prior to each scheduled week of camp. Held at Camp Friedlander in the admin spider shelter, this 7:00 pm Thursday meeting will be a chance to meet the camp leadership team, review your unit’s merit badge schedule (with time to make any last minute adjustments), and find out the latest information to help your troop have a smooth check-in experience when you arrive at camp. Click here for details.

What exactly do you need to bring to camp? To make sure nothing is forgotten, a list of essential and suggested items, as well as forbidden items, is provided in order to guarantee you are ready for camp. Click here for details.

Each Scout, adult, and visitor staying overnight is required to submit an official BSA Annual Health and Medical Record with all parts completed upon arrival at camp. This page also covers health and safety emergencies and medications. Click here for details.

Every Scout will be asked to take a swim test in order to show his current swimming skill. While swim tests will be offered soon after arrival, your troop may find it convenient to perform swim tests prior to camp. Click here for details on camp Swimming Classifications.


Troop leadership should ensure that parents have access to the Camp Guide so they can be aware of camp policies and procedures. Some items parents should be aware of are required forms, prerequisites for merit badges, the packing list, requesting special dietary needs, mail service, emergency phone calls, visitors, early release, and family night.


The most up-to-date camp policies and procedures can be found in the Camp Friedlander Guide. This includes information on visitors, late arrivals, health and safety emergencies, and more. Click here to find the Camp Friedlander Guide on the Camp Forms page.


The most up-to-date arrival and check-in procedures can be found in the Camp Friedlander Guide. Click here to find the Camp Friedlander Guide on the Camp Forms page.