Can Cub Scouts attend Peterloon?

YES! For the first time, Peterloon will be open to Cub Scouts. Cub Scouts will arrive on Saturday morning and will camp on Saturday night.  Cub Scout attendees will be provided dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.  Cub Scout attendees will be responsible for their lunch, but there will be plenty of food options, including food trucks.  Cub Scouts may also attend for Saturday only activities. Cub Scouts will find activities at Peterloon designed especially for them. Parents of Cub Scouts are encouraged to share in the Peterloon experience.  For more information regarding Cub Scouts attending Peteloon, please see the event guide.   

Can Webelos attend Peterloon?

YES! Webelos who attend the whole weekend will camp overnight with a Boy Scout Troop of their choosing, and may camp one or both nights during Peterloon.  Webelos may also attend for Saturday only activities.  Like Cub Scouts, there will be activities especially suited for Webelos.  For more information regarding Webelos attending Peterloon, please see the event guide.

Can I register for Peterloon to attend Saturday, October 5th and join just for the day?

As a volunteer – yes! Please pre-register to volunteer in advance by clicking here or by clicking Volunteer on the Main Menu.

As a scout / participant – yes, up until the close of registration on September 20,2019.  Pre-registration is required, and will close on September 20th.

Can I walk-in and register for Peterloon at the door?

No. Pre-registration is required for all attendees. General registration for campers and youth participants will close on September 20th.  Volunteers can register here.

When will I receive registration confirmation?

The website should show you a confirmation upon registering your unit. Units registered to camp at Peterloon for the weekend will receive mailings with their campsite location and logistical information before September 30, 2019. Units and individuals who registered for the day of October 5 will receive a communication with additional information and a reminder a week prior to Peterloon.  Additional information will be regularly posted to this site as it becomes available.

How do I pick my campsite?

Due to the volume of campers at Peterloon, campsites are assigned similar to National Jamboree or other major Scouting events. Location preference is based on a first come, first serve basis through registration and those who register early will be in sub-camps closer to the activity areas.

How big is my campsite?

The Peterloon sub-camps are divided into equally spaced sections similar to provide the best possible accommodations. Units will be given a one standard size Peterloon campsite for approximately every 25 attendees.  For troops with more than 25 people attending, we will do our best to accommodate your group size by adjusting campsites or placing you in a site that is a bit larger. If your registration grows to another 25, you will be given a second, adjacent site.

Will I need to pay for all of my Scouts when I register?

You will be required to pay for Scouts when you register them. You can edit your registration throughout the registration period, pursuant to the policies on the registration page.  However, any significant changes to the number of registrants in your unit may result in a change in campsite.  We will do our best to accommodate additions to your registration, but campsites are being filled on a rolling basis and a significant registration change may cause us to move your campsite to a location that better fits your unit’s size.

When will I learn where our campsite is located?

Campsite information gets distributed to everyone at the same time in September shortly after registration closes on September 20th. There are a lot of logistics, and to accommodate changes, it’s practical to sort it all at once. We have the time of registration logged and you will receive priority based on the order of registration.