Dan Beard Council's Camporee


On the weekend of October 8-10, 2021, the Dan Beard Council hosted 3 Council Camporees. The fun and exciting Camporee program was broken up into several main activities depending on the location you chose that let Scouts experience traditional Scouting activities in an outdoor setting. Troops chose to attend the Camporee location that was most convenient for them, or chose by the activity they’d most like to participate in!

The camporee sites are Camp Friedlander, Camp Michaels, & Miami Whitewater Forest in Harrison. By offering three smaller, but similar, events we were able to ensure adequate space for every troop in 2021.






The fun and exciting Camporee program was broken up into different main activities that let Scouts experience traditional Scouting activities in an outdoor setting. Click on one of the tabs below to learn about each Camporee’s unique program!

The Camporee at Camp Friedlander featured Fishing and Shooting Sports as well as a Chili Cook Off! The Camporee at Miami Whitewater Forest was a fun-filled adventure with Pioneering, Cycling and Hiking! At Camp Michaels, Scouts experienced traditional Scouting activities such as Tomahawk Throwing, Scout Skills & more!

Whichever Camporee Scouts chose, each evening closed out with Flags, a Campfire and Awards!

2021 Fall Camporee – Camp Friedlander

October 8-9-10, 2021 | Download a PDF of the Leader’s Guide Here!

WHO: Scouts BSA and Webelos from the Dan Beard, or within units in the Dan Beard Council

WHAT: COUNCIL FALL CAMPOREE 2021. Scouts and Webelos/AOLs will choose a Track upon registration, either the Fishing Track (Individual Skills) or the Shooting Track (Individual Skills).

WHEN: Friday, October 8 through Sunday, October 10, 2021. The program tracks will run Saturday morning from 9am-12pm and from 2pm-5pm.

WHERE: Camp Friedlander

CAMP: Camping available October 8-10, 2021

COST: $17.00 per Scout if registered by September 19, 2021. (Scouts) $20.00 per scout if registered Sept. 20-October 3, 2021. Fee includes a Camporee patch.

 COST: First two adults per participating unit are free.

(Adults) $17.00 each for other adult leaders with a participating unit.

Staff members only (without a unit) – free.

All registered adult participants will receive a Camporee patch.

Hosted by the U.S. Grant, Hopewell, and Blue Jacket Districts



5 pm-9pm  Check-in at Trailblazer and Set up Campsites

9-10pm      SPL and Scoutmaster Meeting at Trailblazer Shelter

10:30pm     Lights Out


8:30am       Opening Flag Ceremony at the Parade Field in front of the Dining Hall

9am-12pm Morning program starts

                     Fishing Track – IGFA Stations (meet at NEST to start)

                    Shooting Track – check individual schedules

12-2pm      Programs pause for lunch (Patrols on their own)

2pm-5pm   Afternoon program starts

                    Fishing Track – Fishing Derby at NEST.

                    Shooting Track – check individual schedules

5pm           Programs closed

5-7pm        Dinner (Patrols on their own).  Prepare for Chili Cookoff and Golden Spoon contests.

7-7:45pm    Chili Cookoff for Scouts – Bring chili to Trailblazer Shelter.

                    Golden Spoon Contest for Adults – Bring meal to Trailblazer Shelter.

8pm           Closing Flag Ceremony at the Parade Field in front of the Dining Hall

8:10pm      Closing Campfire and Awards at the Amphitheater


8:00 a.m.    Interfaith Service Instructional (Chaplains and Chaplain Aides) at the Chapel

8:30 a.m.    Interfaith Service (All) at the Chapel

11:00 a.m.  Pack and Depart

Program Outline

Fishing Track (Individual Skills)

Scouts can earn a partial on Fishing Merit Badge.

Groups of 10 or less – Education in the morning, fishing in the afternoon.

Each scout is asked to bring their own Fishing Reels if possible. (Camp Friedlander will have a limited number of rods and reels available.)

The following stations will be set up in the Fishing Track:

  • Basic Tackle
  • Knot Tying
  • Conservation
  • Safety & Casting
  • Rods and Baits
  • Stewardship

For the Fishing Merit Badge, the scout is required to cut and clean a  fish.We will not be doing this at the camporee. The scout is also required to catch a fish, which is up to the scout and the fish.  We will be using 1/8” hot dogs for bait, which will be provided by the staff.

There is a maximum of 50-100 scouts for this track, and they will be prioritized on a first come, first serve basis.  There will be 5-6 stations that each scout will visit, each one being 30 minutes in length.  There will be time in the schedule for scouts to move between the different stations.

Some of the stations will cover First Aid, Knots and some other scout skills related to the fishing merit badge.

  • 9am-12pm – IGFA Stations
    • IGFA Station 1
    • IGFA Station 2
    • IGFA Station 3
    • IGFA Station 4
    • IGFA Station 5
    • IGFA Station 6
  • 2-5pm – Fishing Derby
    • Individual Awards:
      • First fish
      • Longest fish
      • Most colorful fish
      • Most number of fish
      • Most accurate casting (separate station)

Shooting Track

There is a maximum of 120-150 scouts for this track. Scouts will be broken into 6 groups –  A-F. There will be a safety briefing required at each
shooting range before beginning. For the Shooting Track, the following activities will be included:

  • Archery (at Archery Range)
  • First Aid (at Spider Shelter across road from Archery Range)
  • Tomahawks for Scouts, Mallets for Web/AOL scouts (near the Archery Range)
  • Knots and Lashings (at Handicraft)
  • Shotgun Shooting for Scouts BSA (at the Shooting Range)
  • Rifle Shooting for Scouts BSA (at the Shooting Range)
    BB gun shooting for Web/AOL (this will be at the Sports Field)

Web/AOL will shoot BB Guns and then go view the Rifle/Shotgun to see what they can do in Scouts BSA.

  • 9am-12pm
    • Group A – First Aid (Spider Shelter across from Archery)
    • Group B – Archery (Archery Range)
    • Group C – Tomahawks/Sledges (Web/AOL) (Tomahawk Range near Archery)
  • 2-5pm
    • Group A – Knots & Lashings (Handicraft)
    • Group B – Rifle Shooting/Ranges Tour (Web/AOL) (Rifle Range)
    • Group C – Shotgun Shooting/BB Guns (Web/AOL) (Shotgun Range)

PATROL COMPETITION: Chili Cook-off (5PM-7:45PM)

Each patrol can submit chili for the Chili Cookoff.  The chili must be made at the Camporee.  The patrol should not start their chili before 5pm on Saturday.  This is a blind judged competition (no one knows the identity of the cook) and scores will be based on the following five characteristics: Taste, Consistency, Aroma, Color and Bite.  The Chili must arrive at the Trailblazer shelter no later than 7pm.  No late entries at 7pm will be accepted.

  • Each patrol will make their favorite chili.
  • Chili can be made in the vessel of the patrol’s choice.
  • Chili prep starts at 5PM – no earlier.
  • Chili deadline: 7:00PM at the Trailblazer Shelter. No chili can be turned in past 7PM.
  • Other dinner items can be served during Chili service at Trailblazer.
  • Judges will eat Chili first.
  • Chilis will be judged based on appearance, taste/flavor, and creativity.

ADULT COMPETITION: Golden Spoon (5pm-7pm)

The Golden Spoon Award is one of the most popular and tastiest programs in camp. This is the adults’ opportunity to show off their outdoor cooking expertise. Each troop can submit one entry for this contest.  Adults are asked to provide any food dish of their choosing.  The food item must arrive at the Trailblazer shelter no later than 7pm.  No late entries at 7pm will be accepted.  The dish should be made at camp.

The Judges will eat first to judge.  Leftovers will be available to anyone who wants to try them.  Entries will be judged on appearance, taste and creativity.  Depending on the number of entries, we may do awards for different categories (main entrees, side dishes and desserts).

  • Adults Leaders can make a dish of their choosing.
  • Only one dish per unit can enter the competition.
  • Adults can choose the vessel for their dish.
  • Adult Entry Deadline: 7:00pm at Trailblazer Shelter. No entries past 7:00pm.
  • Judges will eat first.
  • Leftovers will be available to anyone who wants to try them.
  • Entries will be judged on appearance, taste, and creativity. Depending on number of entries, we may do awards for different categories (e.g., desserts, main entrees, sides).


All Awards will be handed out at the campfire on Saturday night.

There will be patrol awards for best chili and the coveted Golden Spoon Award for the adults.

For the Fishing Track, the following awards will be given:

  • First Fish
  • Longest Fish
  • Most colorful fish
  • Most Number of fish
  • Most accurate casting (separate station)

For the Shooting Track, the following awards will be given:

  • Best Rifle score/BB Gun Score
  • Best Tomahawks/Mallet Score
  • Best Shotgun Score
  • Best Archery Score


Each patrol that wants to participate may do a skit or song.  This should be submitted to the staff at the SPL / Scoutmaster meeting on Friday night.  The campfire program will start promptly after the flag lowering at 8pm Saturday.

  • We will retire the colors in the parade field.
  • Campfire will be at the Campfire Ring behind the Dining Hall.
  • Each patrol will be asked to do a skit or song.
  • Award Ceremony
  • Messages about Interfaith Service and need for Chaplains and Chaplain’s Aides to meet and help.
  • Awards:
    • Fishing Awards
    • Shooting Sports Awards
    • Best Patrol/Troop Campsite
    • Nap on Safely Practitioner
    • Chili Cook-off Awards
    • Golden Spoon (Adult Cook-off)


Check-in will be Friday from 5pm-9pm at the Trailblazer Shelter. Each troop will receive any remaining schedules and their campsite at that time.


Check-out will begin following the Interfaith Service Sunday morning. Campsites must be cleaned and evaluated before check-out can be completed (Leave No Trace!). We hope to have event patches at check-out, as well as all blue cards for partials on Fishing Merit Badge.


All cars and vehicles must remain in the parking lot.  Vehicles with trailers can haul them to the closest space near their campsites (which will be assigned before the event). Contact the Campmaster at the number below to ask him to open the gate when you arrive (5-9pm Friday). The vehicles must be returned to the parking lot once the trailer is unhitched.  Scouts must carry their gear that is not in the trailer.

Campmaster Phone Number: 513-659-9838


Campsites are available at Camp Friedlander and also nearby Camp Craig.  Troops that wish to camp on-site must reserve the sites by noting the request at registration or by contacting the Campsites Coordinator, Tom Manning, at GTManning1950@yahoo.comPlease provide the Unit Number and number of scouts and number of adults attending/staying.  Camping locations will be determined by the site coordinator and are on a first come, first served basis.  


To effectively staff a Council Fall Camporee of this magnitude requires some­where in the neighborhood of 150 Staff Members. Adults who would like to join in the fun of “making it happen” may sign up during registration or contact Mike Banish ahead of the event at the email address on page one. Please use one of these methods to register as an adult volunteer, this will make planning easier than if you wait and do it at the event.

If you have already been registered for staffing the event, we will either send you your schedule, or your SPL/Scoutmaster will receive it on Friday night at the SPL / Scoutmaster meeting.

2021 Fall Camporee – Miami Whitewater

October 8-9-10, 2021 | Download a PDF of the Leader’s Guide Here!

Four programs to choose from:

Pre-requisites are listed on the registration page. 

  • Hiking
  • Basic Pioneering
  • Advanced Pioneering
  • Cycling

For Cycling, Scouts will not complete the badge at the camporee. The program layout is below. 


  1. The Cycling program at this Camporee is designed to enable you to complete all the Cycling Merit Badge Requirements except the seven rides (Requirements 7.A.(b) and 7.A.(c)). We will be taking a ride during the afternoon session. You should be able to complete at least one 10 mile ride at the Camporee. Scouts who are more experienced and accustomed to cycling may be able to complete a second 10 mile ride.
  2. We will be using the “Cycling workbook-17 pages” to record all Scout’s progress.
  3. Scouts will be grouped by ability as well as age.
  4. We will be doing the Road Biking option (Option A) only.
  5. You need to bring your own bicycle and bicycle helmet. You should have your bike and helmet marked with your name and Troop number. You should consider having a bicycle lock or other means to secure your bike while in camp.
  6. You will be rotating among four stations (each 45 minutes) during the morning session. a. First Aid b. Cleaning/Adjusting c. Changing a tire d. Signals, short ride, maneuvering
  7. You will complete Pre-work prior to beginning your reviews at any of the four stations.
  8. You may begin your routes. Seven rides are required: a. 10 miles X 2 b. 15 miles X 2 c. 25 miles X 2 d. 50 miles X 1 Pre-work 1. Workbook 1 a, 1b, and 1c. Completed before meeting a Counselor who will individually review your work. 2. Perform at a station 3. Perform at a station 4. Complete before you meet with your Counselor. 5. Perform at a station 6. Complete before you meet with your Counselor. Perform at a station. 7. Road test/short ride: perform at a station. Verify and describe your routes. Share your log with your Counselor before and after your ride(s).

More details will be added soon. Check back for updates!

2021 Fall Camporee – Camp Michaels

October 8-9-10, 2021 | Download a PDF of the Leader’s Guide HERE!

Camp Michaels Camporee will be set up so that every Scout gets to do every exciting activity!  This camporee It is designed more like a traditional camporee, focused on fun activities such as tomahawks and patrol competitions that teach and reinforce Scouting skills.



Welcome to the 2021 Trailblazer Fall Camporee.  It is our hope that your troop or crew will have an enjoyable time here and have a great opportunity to test their scout skills. Here is some basic information for you to help make your weekend a good one.

This Camporee is an activity to enhance the Patrol Method within your Troop. It is also a chance for Scouts to show off their skills at camp making, cooking and teamwork and all activities are run with the Patrol Method in mind.

Patrols should study their “Trail to first Class” Scout skills including:

  • Scout Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan, Outdoor Code, and Leave No Trace Principles
  • Knots & Lashings
  • First Aid
  • Leadership Skills

The Fall Camporee will involve traditional camporee events. The events will be tests of mental focus, strength, endurance, and skill. The competition will be Patrol events. Some of the Station Events will be:

Cooking – Practice (or learn) your dutch oven cooking skills. Learn some new recipes and give them a try

Bear Bag Hoist – Each Patrol will ask to throw a rope over a 10’ high barrier.  Scouts will then be asked to tie and raise up a bear bag to get you ready for Philmont or Boundary Waters.

Finger Jousting – Balance and coordination might be more helpful than strength.

Tomahawks– Get excited to hit some targets frontier style. 

Fire Building – the ole stand by. Race to build your fire the fastest and highest.

First Aid – Can you identify and treat the symptoms?


Volunteers – We ask each unit to supply one adult volunteer for every 10 registered Scouts to assist with running events during the camporee. 

Camping – each unit is responsible for all camping gear, food, and safety and discipline within their units. 

Check in – A table will be set up in front of the new lodge. Please provide a count of Scouts so we can do some logistical work for Saturday’s activities.  We are going to try and limit the size of groups and interaction between troops during Saturday.  

Parking & Troop Trailers –  Weather permitting, Scout trailers will be allowed to remain in the campsites, but no vehicles are permitted to remain.  Trailers must be unhooked and the tow vehicle moved to the main parking lot.  Only one vehicle per unit will be allowed back at the campsite at a time.  No vehicles may be brought into the campsites until Sunday morning.  If the ground is too soft, we will park trailers in the parking lot after taking them to the end of the gravel road to be unloaded (likely one at a time).  

 Headquarters – this will be located in the new lodge.

First Aid, Medicine, and Health Forms – Each unit is responsible for their own first aid kit, medicine, and health forms.

Friday Night Crackerbarrel  – this is a meeting for SPL’s and SM’s. Each unit should send two representatives to the meeting.  It will be held in Shelter by Gilwell at 9:30 PM. 

Opening Ceremony – this will occur on Saturday morning on the Parade Field.  The opening Ceremony will begin promptly at 8:30 AM.  We will handout schedules at this time.

Saturday Night Campfire – there will be a campfire program at the amphitheater.  All units are encouraged to participate.  You can do a Campfire Cheer, Skit, or Song.  Just write it down with a brief description and submit it to headquarters by noon on Saturday.  Include troop number and patrol name.

Water – there are water spigots located near the new lodge.  Troops should bring their own water containers.  There is to be no dishwashing at or near the water spigots.  All dishwashing should occur in the campsites. 

Fires –  No fires will be permitted in campsites unless there is an existing fire ring or you have a raised fire pit.  You are not allowed to bring firewood into camp but there are plenty of downed trees near each campsite to cut up and burn.  Remember to set up an axe yard in your campsite.

Restrooms – There are several kybos around camp and there are bathrooms in the shower house.


Camporee check-in will begin at 6:00pm on Friday, October 8, 2021.   Plan to arrive by 8:00pm.  Parking will be very limited at Camp Michaels as Council will be holding a dedication ceremony on Saturday morning for the new lodge.  We must keep the parking lot clear for visitors. 

  • Please plan to carpool or have your Scouts dropped off at Camp Michaels.
  • At least two registered adult leaders must be in attendance with each unit.
  • All Scouts and Scouters in attendance are required to pay the registration fee.
  • Upon arrival the Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader should check-in at the Registration Pavilion and present all necessary forms completed.

Please present the following items:

~ Unit Organization Form for each Patrol.

~ Any unpaid fees

It is understood that some Troop members may have to arrive later. This is okay, but you are responsible for meeting them at the parking lot.  Please be prepared to provide an exact count of Scouts and adults.  We will be camping in Gilwell.  You will be able to select a campsite at check-in.  These will be assigned on a first come-first served basis.


Please clear your campsite by 10:30 am.  Your campsite should be left better than you found it.  Please complete the following:

  • Restore the campsite to its original (or better) condition.
  • Ensure the campsite is litter free.
  • Collect all garbage and take it with you.  There is a dumpster behind the lodge and at the top of the hill.



6:00 – 8:00 PM     Troop Arrival/Registration/Camp Setup

9:30 – 10:00 PM    SPL/Scoutmaster Meeting

11:00 PM    Lights Out


7:00 AM    Reveille

7:05 – 8:15 AM    Breakfast and Cleanup

8:30 – 8:45 AM    Opening Ceremonies (at flagpoles in Gilwell)

10:00 – 12: 30 PM    Station Events

12:45 – 2:00 PM    Lunch and Cleanup

2:15 – 5:15 PM    Station Events

5:15 – 8:00 PM    Dinner/Free Time

8:15 – 9:30 PM    Campfire Program

11:00 PM    Lights Out


7:30 AM    Reveille

7:45 – 9:00 AM    Breakfast and Cleanup

9:00 – 10:30 AM    Break Camp and Departure


Council Camporee Northeast
Friday, October 8, 2021 to
Sunday, October 10, 2021

Camp Friedlander
581 Ibold Road, Loveland, OH 45140

 Main Activities: Fishing & Shooting Sports

Download a PDF of the Leader’s Guide Here!

Council Camporee South
Friday, October 8, 2021 to
Sunday, October 10, 2021

Camp Michaels
3486 Hathaway Road, Union, KY 41091

Main Activities: Tomahawk Throwing,
Scout Skills & More!

Download a PDF of the Leader’s Guide HERE!

Council Camporee West
Friday, October 8, 2021 to
Sunday, October 10, 2021
Miami Whitewater Forest
9001 Mt. Hope Road, Harrison, OH 45030
Main Activities: Pioneering, Cycling & Hiking
Download Maps: Area Map Park Map

Questions? Please contact your District Professional by clicking here.