A trained Commissioner is an effective Commissioner!  Commissioner training has the following elements:

  1. Commissioner Position Specific Basic Training – On line or instructor led within 30 days
  2. Completion of the on-boarding progress record within 30 days
  3. Continuing education (monthly and annually)


Online Commissioner Basic Training

Assuming you have completed Youth Protection Training and are a registered Commissioner, Basic Training courses are available for all Commissioner roles and are available in the BSA Learn Center. After logging into my.scouting  ( ), click on the BSA Learn Center logo on the right side of the landing page then click on the block for Commissioners and select the Learning Plan for your role from the drop-down. A learning plan will consist of a number of modules that should be completed before your first meeting, within 30 days and 90 days.

If a Commissioner is not familiar with the Scouting movement, Acclimation modules are available. The Acclimation modules include:

  • Aims and Methods of the BSA
  • BSA Organizational Structure
  • What is Cub Scouting?
  • What is Boy Scouting?
  • What is Venturing?
  • What is Sea Scouting?
  • What is Exploring?
  • What is Learning for Life?

These Acclimation modules are also available in the BSA Learn Center. At the minimum, a Commissioner new to the BSA should take the first two modules and then complete the modules for the types of units they will be serving. These modules are all optional for those with Scouting experience.

Instructor Led Commissioner Basic Training

Learners who prefer to complete their courses in a classroom environment can find course dates by searching the event calendar here. Instructor Lead Basic Training will still be available at: The student will still need to complete the on-boarding worksheet with a mentor and the training must then be entered with the proper training code in Training Manager in order for the commissioner to be considered trained.

Find more information about Commissioner training here.