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As a service to its units and customers, the Dan Beard Council accepts advanced deposits to be held by the council in a custodial account in the name of the unit. The unit account can be used for supplies, registration, Boys’ Life, camp registration fees, or activity fees. Funds from the unit account can be used in the Dan Beard Scout Shop - simply request a balance at the Scout Achievement Center reception desk and bring the balance slip to the store clerks to make payment.

If you wish to use the unit account service, you may simply bring a check or cash in the amount you want to have deposited into the account and a list of names of the people in your unit you wish to have able to use the money in the account. Only those listed will be able to use the account. Only the Committee Chairman, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, or Post Advisor may change the names on the account and this should be done in writing.

Since this is not a tab, only the amount of money deposited in the account may be spent. No overdrafts are permitted.

Monthly statements are not issued so it is the responsibility of the users of the account to keep receipts and balances. However, if there is ever a question we will be happy to run a balance sheet, or tell you what the balance is in the account.

Every unit in the council has the capability to have an account and one can be started at any time simply with a deposit.

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