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Why Plan a Unit Budget?

The activities a pack, troop, or crew is able to participate in hinges on their finances - both how much funds are available as well as the plan on how those funds are used. It is important to plan out your unit's budget in advance to match the plans of your unit's program calendar. There are several components that go into managing a unit's account and budget throughout the year.  This guide can help as starting place for some of the basics for planning your unit's budget.

Budgeting Basics

If your job is the management of your unit's money, your first steps are the basics: basic income and basic expenses. These basic items are the same whether you are managing a Cub Scout pack, a Boy Scout troop, or a Venturing Crew. It doesn't matter if you are located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Covington, Kentucky, or Honolulu, Hawaii. The basics should be planned and budgeted first and will form the foundation of the amount of income your unit needs to operate and the amount of funds available for your expenses.

Once you develop a sound budget for the basics, you can add other things such as your individual programming and equipment needs. The programs your unit wants to participate in and the materials needed for your regular meetings and special outings are part of the other expenses built upon the basic expenses. You will need to determine the costs of these items to set the amount of income required beyond the basic registration, insurance, and charter fees.

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