Cub Scout Advancement


Advancement is one of the methods of Scouting to keep the boys interested and learning. It is a critical part of good program for the pack. Commissioners should be well aware of the what is happening in the unit in many things. Here is a report that will help you understand how advancement is progressing in all the cub packs in the Council.


If a number is red it means that there have been zero advancements recorded at the council for that rank. If a unit has a den that should have advanced and the number is zero, this is a major warning sign to the UC and that the unit leaders should be made aware of in order to find out what happened.


This report will be published in January, July and October of each year.  This report pulls the data from the District Advancement report and district Totals report. The actual excel file is available if needed by contacting your District Commissioner.



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