Troop Advancement Scorecard


DBC Troop Advancement Report
Purpose:  The purpose of this report is to help Commissioners and District Staff to more easily identify advancement issues and opportunities at the unit and district level.
Data Source:   Council Advancement Records are currently stored in ScoutNet.  This reports takes a hard copy/.pdf file of the Standard District Advancement report as the basis.  Due to timing issues of when advancement reoports are submitted to the Council, when they entered and when the youth actually advanced, it will be rare that all the data matches a unit's records.  However, this is the "offical"  record and as such supersedes unit records and should be the basis for action on the part of the Commissioner and District Staff.
Frequency of Report:  Report will be issued by the 15th of April, July, Oct, Jan with the year to date numbers thru Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec.  The excel version will be sent to Dist Commissioners for distribution and a pdf version will be posted in the DBC Commissioner website Scorecards tab for reference to all.
What the report can tell you:
1. How many tenderfoot have advanced in past 2 years.
2. Is there an even distribution of rank advancements across all ranks?
3. Has the unit had any advancements yet this year?
4. Number of advancements vs number of boys?  Is it higher than JTE Bronze?
5. Has the troop earned any merit badges by now as MB Challenge should be processed already
TF Tot  = Tenderfoot Totals
2C Tot = 2nd Class Totals
1st Tot = !st Class Totals
EGL Tot  = Eagle Rank Total
Eagle Palms are not included in this report as they no longer count for Advancement in JTE.
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