Preparing For Camp

Ten-Day-Out Meetings


Written by Mike Swofford

To make sure everything is ready for the very best camp experience your Scouts can possibly have, the camp leadership team will host a weekly Ten-Day-Out meeting prior to each scheduled week of camp.  Held at Camp Friedlander in the admin spider shelter, this 7:00 pm Thursday meeting will be a chance to meet the camp leadership team, review your unit's merit badge schedule (with time to make any last minute adjustments), and find out the latest information to help your troop have a smooth check-in experience when you arrive at camp.


The pre-camp registration process is outlined in the Camp Guide.  For the 10-day-out meeting to be effective, it is imperative that your troop completes online merit badge registration as soon as possible after it opens on Monday, March 16 at 9:00 am, and at least 30 days prior to arriving at camp.

Please review the schedule below and make sure your troop is represented at the meeting scheduled for you week of camp.  Attendance is limited to two people per unit due to space limitations.  If you need to attend a meeting during a different week, please notify the camp management in advance so we may prepare your packet for you.  If you are unable to attend, your packet will be mailed to your unit coordinator.

Week 1 Sunday, June 21 Thursday, June 11, 7pm
Week 2 Sunday, June 28 Thursday, June 18, 7pm
Week 3 Sunday, July 5 Thursday, July 25, 7pm
Week 4 Sunday, July 12 Thursday, July 2, 7pm
Week 5 Sunday, July 19 Thursday, July 9, 7pm
Week 6 Sunday, July 26 Thursday, July 16, 7pm
Week 7 Sunday, August 2 Thursday, July 23, 7pm

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