Signing Up


The troop's Summer Camp Coordinator or Scoutmaster should work with each Scout attending camp to create his merit badge schedule...


Scouts should choose badges that fit their advancement needs or they have an interest in.  Some badges have a suggested age level -- no Scout will be turned away from a merit badge because of his age, however, we encourage parents and leaders to use good judgement when signing up Scouts for merit badge classes that may require a higher level of maturity or special skills.

Class times are important consideration for a Scout's merit badge schedule.  Some merit badge classes are scheduled for 50 minutes each day, others are scheduled for an hour and a half.  A link to the 2015 Merit Badge Schedule will be availble in February.

The locations of classes should also be noted when creating a Scout's schedule.  The Summer Camp Coordinator should take a practical look at a Scout's schedule taking into account walking time between classes and other factors (changing time for swimming suits, etc.).  Click here to view a map of Camp Friedlander that can assist with location considerations.  The road that circles the lake is about one mile around.

When a Scout has selected the merit badges he would like to earn, he should complete the Scout Activity Record and submit it to the Summer Camp Coordinator.  Once this process is complete, the Summer Camp Coordinator can then begin online merit badge registration.

Online Merit Badge Registration

Camp Friedlander offers online merit badge registration, giving the Summer Camp Coordinator the ability to add and edit each Scout's class schedule...

This feature is part of the online registration system and will go live at 9:00 am EDT sharp on March 16, 2015.  Please visit the Register for Camp page for more information about your troop's registration account and directions on how to perform online merit badge registration.

Please note: merit badge classes are first-come, first-served.  Classes that are full will not be available for selection, however, as other troops make changes to their Scouts' schedules, classes may become available as camp approaches.  Merit badge registration closes one week prior to your arrival at camp; this is to give the camp and the staff enough time to obtain the materials needed for each class and a chance to prepare.

In order for your Scouts' selected classes to be saved and confirmed, your troop's payments must be met according to the fee schedule. Troops that have payments due after a payment deadline risk loosing scheduled merit badges classes to troops without a current balance.  Priority of merit badge class scheduling will go to troops that have no minimum payment due.

Add/Drop Session

Each Sunday during camp an add/drop session is held at 7:30 pm in the Trailblazer shelter.  This is a final opportunity for Scouts to make modifications to their schedules for the week.  If openings are available for a particular session, Scouts may add that to their schedule.  If a Scout is registered for a merit badge they no longer want to take, they need to notify the Area Director that they will not be there instead of simply not attending.  This provides the opportunity for someone else to take that spot if desired.