Wilderness First Aid Training

February 11-13, 2022

Camp Craig
6113 Price Rd, Milford, OH 45150

Wilderness First Aid Training

April 8-10, 2022

Camp Craig
6113 Price Rd, Milford, OH 45150

*Please note this training is required for two adult participants leading a High Adventure trip.


Wilderness first aid (WFA) is a course for everyone planning a remote high adventure ranging from lay responders to medical professionals. It focuses on prevention, assessment, and treatment for an ill or injured person in a remote environment where definitive care by a physician and/or rapid transport is not readily available. This is defined as being an hour or more away from advanced care.

Diagnosis and care for injuries and illnesses occurring outside the 911 response envelope.  This weekend class prepares you to handle serious back-country emergencies.  Wilderness First Aid is a comprehensive series of lessons in how to react and respond in remote, life threatening situations.  Lots of activity and hands-on work in classroom and outdoor scenarios keeps it fun!


Scout leaders and older Scouts / Venturers with some First Aid training and a serious interest in advancing their knowledge. You should be familiar with the material in the First Aid Merit Badge pamphlet. Although CPR training is strongly suggested and a requirement for the High Adventure bases, it is not covered in this class.

The Basic WFA certification is required for the BSA High Adventure bases, the Advanced certification is above and beyond.  If not a medical professional, you should take Basic Wilderness First Aid before choosing the Advanced class.


The courses will all be offered at Camp Craig in the Program building and participants can campout overnight or leave and come back after each class.


Remains $175 for Adults and $125 for older Scouts and Venturers (14+ recommended)

Includes Room & Board for the weekend and a comprehensive handout.

More information will be provided to those registered in the week before the class.

  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid w/ Instructor’s module
  • Basic Wilderness First Aid #1
  • Basic Wilderness First Aid #2


Questions? Feel free to contact one of our Instructors or the WFA Staff Advisor.

John Rettig, Lead WFA Instructor

Anita Beauchamp, Lead WFA Instructor

Michelle Byrne, Program Administrator
(513) 577-7686