The Wilderness Engineers is a program for Scouts and Scouters who want to help maintain and improve our world-class camping facilities. By using their skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm for service, we have access to resources and manpower to help preserve our camps for future generations of youth to enjoy. You do not need to have any special talents to participate, just a willing hand.

Several work days are conducted each year during which the Wilderness Engineers focus on various camp improvement or maintenance projects. These fun and rewarding service days are great ways to develop new skills, put those you have to use for a good cause, meet new people, and spend some time in the outdoors. Everyone who participates in one of the Service Days receives a Wilderness Engineer patch. However, you have to RSVP to the volunteer foreman to be eligible. Those who participate more regularly will be eligible for other service awards based upon how often you participate.

It is easy for Packs, Troops, and Crews to get involved too. Any unit who wishes to participate in the Wilderness Engineer program can schedule to come out as a group and work with the Rangers on service projects. People who participate in Wilderness Engineers as part of a unit project can earn a new four-part patch only offered to through this program. As long as you schedule with the Rangers at least one week in advance, your Scouts are eligible to receive one portion of the patch for each project. The patch sections will change each year.

The unit who provides the most hours of service to the Dan Beard Scout Reservation and Camp Michaels will get a free weekend at Camp Friedlander including the use of the Dining Hall, Staff Cabins, time on the Rifle and Shotgun Ranges, and pizza for dinner.

For more information, contact:

Jason Neal, Lead Ranger


Please register by clicking on the date for the workday.
Camp Friedlander

January 12 8-12:00   Painting inside of Friedlander Trading Post
February 9 8-12:00   Painting inside of Friedlander Trading Post
March 9 8-12:00   Rifle Range Improvements
April 13 8-12:00   COPE Course Improvements
May 11 7:30-5:00   Summer Camp Prep
June 10 8-12:00   Aquatic Area Improvements
July 13 8-12:00   TBD
August 10 8-12:00   TBD
September 14 7:30-5:00   Replace roof in CW, Painting
October 12 8-12:00   Spook-O-Ree Setup
November 9 8-12:00   TBD
December 14 8-12:00   TBD


Camp Michaels

January 19 8-12:00   TBD
February 16 8-12:00   TBD
March 16 8-12:00   TBD
April 20 8-12:00   TBD
May 25 7:30-5:00   TBD
June 15 8-12:00   TBD
August 17 8-12:00   TBD
September 14 8-12:00   TBD
October 19 8-12:00   TBD
November 16 8-12:00   TBD
December 21 8-12:00   TBD

The Wilderness Engineer Program is proudly sponsored by Stihl.