Saturday, June 1, 2024

10:00am – 3:00pm (30 minute time slots)

Camp Friedlander

Join us for our Wake Up The Blob event where we will offer units the opportunity to come out prior to camp and have some fun on the blob. The purpose of this event will be to facilitate a number of swim tests prior to your unit’s arrival at Camp Friedlander. Due to National Standards, with respect to Aquatics Supervision, we are only able to operate at a 10 (participant) to 1 (BSA Lifeguard) ratio. With this to consider, we are requiring pre-registration for this event.

Time slots are set for every 30 minutes in order to prevent long lines for participants. Swim tests cost $3/person; you can specify your headcount during registration. Additional participants can ‘walk-in’ with Units that have already registered, payment of cash or check will be accepted on the day of the event.

In the event of hazardous weather, we will do our best to reschedule this event prior to camp. If this happens, we will contact you via email to inform you of this change.


We’re getting this question a lot:  “What is that giant colorful thing out in the middle of the lake?!?”  It’s The Blob!  And what do you do with it? Get catapulted way up in the air, then come splashing down into Camp Friedlander Lake! The Blob was added to Camp Friedlander for the summer of 2010 and is a unique lakefront activity that Scouts will be talking about all year long.

For additional photos and videos, check out our Google Album by clicking here.


      1. First, you walk out on the floating dock and climb up the platform.

      2.  Next, jump out onto the blob and scoot your way down the 40 foot pillow and sit down on the end.

      3. Then you wait for a friend to jump off the platform behind you, and send you rocketing into the air!

​ Thanks to the support of the Order of the Arrow, new activities and camp program improvements like The Blob are added to Camp Friedlander each year.

If you have specific questions about this event, please contact Michael Stamat, Outdoor Program Specialist.