Thank you for submitting your upcoming events.  Please use the links below in order to submit your event date for a Council or District event.  We will then post your event on the appropriate calendar(s).

Submit a Scout Event Calendar Date
Use this link to submit the basic information for your event.  Required information includes the date of the event, name of the event, and name of the appropriate contact person.  This will allow you to get your event published and up on the calendar until you finalize the registration process and details.

Submit a Scout Event for the Calendar with Online Registration Included
Need for your upcoming event to have online registration?  No problem.  Use this link to either submit a new event  or update an existing event with online registration details. Since online registration requires many details and often cannot be updated once it is published, we’ve done our best to capture all of the information you might need to capture for your online registrations.  Below is a list of some items you may want to consider for your event.  You may also contact Ken Brunner (513-577-7710 or ken.brunner@scouting.org) to talk through the various options you may need.

Here are some items to consider for online registration:
Are individual registrations required? If yes = you will get every registrants name No = you will only get the registering persons name
Are group registrations accepted? If yes = you will only get one person’s name (the main contact name) and the # of participants or you can require each
participants name using the item above.
What are the rates for your event? Do you have different rates for different people?
Does your event have an early bird rate or late fee? If so, what is the date for these rates ?
What is the final registration deadline?