Submit a New Merit Badge Idea

Send those ideas for new merit badges to someone who can actually act on them.

Over the years, we’ve received several of suggestions for merit badges about Sewing, Magic, Guitar, Hunting, Surfing and lots more. And while at Dan Beard Council, we have absolutely no say in what becomes a new merit badge, we can tell you where to turn with your ideas.

If you have something to add to the BSA’s selection of current merit badges, start by downloading this Award Submission Summary Word document (clicking this link will download the .doc file).

Then mail it in to the address at the bottom or email it to

They’re the brainiacs who create new merit badges, including the recently released Programming and Sustainability badges.

We should warn you that not everything makes the cut. The team first looks at current merit badges to see whether your idea already exists in the BSA’s wide-ranging collection of sports, crafts, science, trades, business and future careers.

Next, the team analyzes the interests of today’s teens. So while your troop in Minnesota may love the sport of curling, it might not be popular enough to make the cut.

Once a merit badge idea gets past the first stage, the process of actually seeing pamphlets and badges in stores takes about three to five years.

Send your thought to the email address above, and who knows? Your idea may become a new merit badge that Boy Scouts earn for centuries to come.