The Spook-O-Ree is an easy event to enjoy. Unlike many Scouting events, the evening is very casual, so don’t expect a set schedule of activities. You are encouraged to wander around the Spook-O-Ree and participate as you like. Whether you are coming as a pack, a den, or a family, we want you to get the most out of the evening, so we’ve prepared some tips to help you get ready… Click HERE to download the Spook-O-Ree Event Guide!


  • Expect to be busy: there’s lot’s going on all night long, and you may want to plan your evening in advance to make sure you hit all of your family’s favorite activities.
  • Be aware that some activities don’t start until dark. The haunted castle and haunted trail require darkness to set the right mood, so they won’t be open right away.
  • Expect a crowd. Each year, the Spook-O-Ree gets bigger and bigger – more families, more activities, and more fun! There may be quite a crowd, but don’t worry, everything is designed for lots of people to enjoy each event without much waiting.
  • Expect rain or shine. We can plan out everything except the weather — make sure and watch the forecast leading up to your chosen evening and be prepared with rain gear and boots if it looks like it’s going to get wet.
  • You may want to bring extra cash. 10 tickets are included with the price of admission for each paying youth. Tickets are valued at 25 cents each. If you think you’ll want to purchase more food or game tickets, you may want to bring extra cash. A credit/debit card can be used at one of the ticket booths.


To get a sneak peek at the event, take a look at the Spook-O-Ree event map by clicking HERE or the image below.

*The Hayride will not be in operation for the 2021 Spook-o-Ree due to health and safety protocols.