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The Dan Beard Council, BSA would like to extend the opportunity of recording Scouting At Home videos to those who know these topics best – our Scouts and volunteers! We want you to have fun with these videos in order to show other youth in our community how important Scouting is, and to demonstrate your skills that you have learned by being a Scout! Follow the steps below to get started.

Remember that it is still important to follow Youth Protection policies even through online meetings and Scouting activities. Here is a link to the BSA Online and Social Media Guidelines. 

step 1


The first steps to submit a Scouting At Home video is to use the Video Selection form to select the activity you would like to video yourself doing.  If you find one you’d like to do, sign up and then complete a Talent Release Form. After both the Talent Release Form and Video Selection Form are submitted, you will be emailed video uploading instructions. Click on the buttons below to complete these steps.

step 2


After the Talent Release Form has been submitted, and you have selected your Video topic from the Scouting At Home Video Selection Form (see Step 1), it’s time to start recording! A few tips would be to: wear your uniform, make sure the background is free of clutter, film the video in natural lighting or make sure the room is well lit, talk loudly and clearly so your recording device picks up your voice when filming, and be yourself! We want to see what you do best – being a great Scout!  Most videos should only last a few minutes, so keep it simple. 

Next, in order to upload your video, you need to download the YouTube app onto your mobile device, if you have not already. You will need this app to upload your video once it is completed if you are recording it on your phone.

step 3


After the Talent Release Form and Video Selection Form have been submitted (from Step 1), you should receive an email to the email address you provided with details to upload your video to the Dan Beard Council YouTube page. If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Ball at

step 4


You have filled out the forms, you filmed the video, everything has been uploaded, and now what? Check out Scouting At Home daily to see if your video will be featured on our page and social media. Like our Facebook page for our daily video posts that you can share with fellow Scouts, your family and all of your friends!

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Ball at