*Weather Update – 6/22/2016 @ 6:00pm

Safety, safety, safety.
The safety of all of our campers is far and above our utmost concern at all of our camps.  Please know that our camp staffs are aware of the potential of some severe thunderstorms in the area for this evening.  Nothing receives more attention than providing a safe and healthy experience for each and every Scout.  At the sign of any hazardous weather or severe thunderstorms, we have a number of safety policies and detailed procedures in place.  We continue to be in communication with local weather authorities and if it appears that inclement weather is imminent, we will activate emergency procedures, and all campers will be accounted for and moved to protective shelter.  We have had a watchful eye on the weather all day and our camp staff leadership is extremely vigilant of the weather conditions throughout the summer.  The staff is truly dedicated to providing the safest and best possible experience for your Scout.