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2023 Popcorn Bonus Clubs

Ordering Bonus Club Prizes Information

This year, Bonus Club Prizes will be automatically determined based on the total points earned throughout the sale, whether the transaction was logged in the mobile app/ online sales system.  The kernel will be notified after the sale when bonus prizes are available for pickup from the Scout Achievement Center.  Individual Scout families will also be notified through the email address they provided at registration for the upper two levels.  

Note: One exception to this is for the 3,500 point club.  Scouts in this club will have a choice of camp or a gift card.  Scouts and kernels will be contacted for this selection. 

2023 Bonus Clubs

There are 3 awesome Bonus Clubs for this year’s sale. Scouts earn these prizes in addition to the prizes at the various prize levels. Scouts that sell at least 1 item will receive a 2023 Fall Product Sale Patch.

900 POINTS CLUB Scouts who earn 900 points will get an additional 100 points to boost them to 1,000 points!

1,750 POINTS CLUB Scouts who earn 1,750 points will be eligible to attend our Top Seller VIP Game Experience Event (for example at Dave & Busters). If the event is unable to happen: Scouts will receive a gift card as an alternative prize.

3,500 POINTS CLUB Scouts who earn 3,500 points will receive choice of free Dan Beard Council Day Camp, Dan Beard Council Resident Camp (Cub or Scouts BSA), or a $75 Amazon gift card.

*Bonus Club Prizes are cumulative.