Scouts BSA Troop 974 Celebrates 20th Anniversary Dinner in Conjunction with the 1st Anniversary of sister Troop 1974 while both hosting a Court of Honor

On January 9, 2020, Scouts BSA Troop 974 from West Chester, Ohio, Fort Hamilton District, Dan Beard Council, celebrated their 20th Anniversary Dinner and Court Of Honor in conjunction with their sister Troop 1974, to celebrate their 1st anniversary and Court of Honor.

The highlight of the event was 25 of the 69 Troop 974 Eagle Scouts attending, along with the troop founder, Lee Yarberry, and former Scoutmaster, Scott Kunau. Current troop leadership include three Silver Beaver Award recipients: Committee Chair Tony Ferraro, Eagle Coach Ed Milbrada, and Scoutmaster Eric Saddler. Lee Yarberry also received this award. Troops 974 and 1974 are graciously chartered by West Chester Nazarene. Amy Macenski created beautiful centerpieces and raffle baskets. A wonderful Invocation and Benediction was given by Connor Zink, Troop 974 Eagle Scout, and seminarian at Bishop Simon Bruté College.

Troops 974 and 1974 highlighted some significant awards. Some of these awards included:

  • Triple Crown of High Adventure: Cole Sellers (current SPL), Jude Saddler (current OA Representative), Cameron Brian Lapthorn (ASM), and Eric Saddler (SM)
  • Pope Pius XII emblem: Jude Saddler, Cat Saddler (ASM), Ethan Goudy and Landon Arnett
  • Lamb Award: Lisa Bacu, (ASM)
  • Jacob Austin, 1st Eagle Scout for Troop 974, was given a thank you plaque presented by Former Scoutmaster Scott Kunau for his work on the Troops’ webpage for the first time in 14 years.
  • Camp Friedlander 2019 Staffer of the Year: Max Pennix
  • Tony Ferraro, Committee Chair, was presented with a 30-year BSA Veteran Award.
  • Bill Peck, District Eagle Coordinator, was recognized for his service to Troop 974 and then he read the names of all 69 Eagle Scouts. 25 were in attendance and gathered for a group photo.

A Scoutmaster Minute was provided by Ron Bacu, Scoutmaster for Troop 1974. His focus was on “Do A Good Turn Daily,” and by doing the math for the numbers and members of both Troops, if we have all lead by this example, then thousands of Good Turns have been completed, which is something we can all be proud of.

Many fond memories were shared between the guests and speakers, including Scoutmasters Eric Saddler, Ron Bacu, Scott Kunau, Tony Ferraro and Lee Yarberry. A Traditional Court of Honor was performed for both the boys’ and girls’ troops. Food was enjoyed, fun was had, and more memories were made.

Chrissy Lear
Press Chair, Troops 974/1974