Please join us in congratulating Jason Pigg on his acceptance of the position of Assistant Director of Support Services. Jason began his career with the Dan Beard Council in 2005 as a Ranger for the Dan Beard Scout Reservation. He was promoted to Lead Ranger in 2008 and earned his professional commission as Properties Director in 2010. In 2014, Jason became the Camping Director, giving leadership all aspects of the council’s summer camp programs, property management, and council outdoor programs.

In his new role, Jason will have full responsibility for the management of the Program Team, including staff leadership of the General Manager of Properties, Jason Neal, the Outdoor Program Specialist, Michael Stamat, and two new positions for the council staff team, a Camping Executive and a Program Executive. This team will continue with the responsibilities of the successful delivery of the council’s advancement, training, camping, and activities initiatives.

In addition, Jason will have direct responsibility for some exciting program objectives including the development of a strategic plan for program, staff leadership of the Camp Friedlander 100th Anniversary campaign, giving oversite to the “Seeding a Future of Leaders” campaign construction at Camp Michaels, and program and properties related fundraising and support.

Please take a moment to congratulate Jason on his new role. We look forward to his continued leadership of the quality programs and facilities for the Dan Beard Council.

The Senior Program Director position, recently vacated by Ken Brunner, will not be replaced in its current form, and with the promotion of Jason Pigg to Asst. Director of Support Services, an expansion of the program team will bring greater support and focus to the council’s program and camping objectives.

We are excited to announce the creation of the position of Program Executive. This position will provide staff leadership to the Council Advancement Committee, Council Training Committee, Council Activities Committee, and the events, objectives, and responsibilities of each of the areas.

We are also creating the position of Camping Executive. This position will provide staff leadership to the functions of the Council Camping Committee and directly support all outdoor programs. An essential objective of this position will be leading the promotion and delivery of the council’s summer camps, along with other outdoor programs, including Peterloon.

The identification and hiring of candidates for these two positions will begin immediately, led by Jason Pigg. Eligibility for both positions will include previous knowledge and experience with Scouting programs or camps. We are interested in identifying local candidates, as well as promising executives from other councils that may have an interest in developing their career in a program role. If you know someone who you think would be a good candidate for these positions, please contact Jason Pigg (