Heimlich Heroes



One of the core values of The Boy Scouts of America is to do your best to help other people at all times.  Sometimes helping is as easy as opening a door for someone or cleaning up a mess that was left behind.  But sometimes the help that is needed is more serious. It may even require some training or special knowledge.

Heimlich Heroes™ is the perfect way to train your Cub Scouts and Webelos to recognize and respond to a choking emergency. It only takes an hour and is easily facilitated by your Scout Master and older Boy Scouts. The realistic hands-on practice with the training dolls (Hank and Heidi) follows an interactive training video, and provides the confidence needed to respond when such an instance occurs in real life.

In the past 8 months, four kids trained through Heimlich Heroes have saved lives of friends or family members who were choking. Choking is one of those things you cannot predict. And, when it happens, you must respond quickly. More than 900 scouts have already been trained across the country. Click here to register your scouts for this free interactive training.


“Heimlich Heroes believes in the importance of early exposure,” says Terri Huntington, Heimlich Heroes program manager.  “Young people are extremely curious and will remember this life-saving training experience for many years to come.” Created by Deaconess Associations, Inc. with support from the Heimlich Institute, Heimlich Heroes™ is a free interactive program designed for children ages seven and up. After a basic one-hour training, incorporating both a video and hands-on practice, students can recognize signs of choking, minimize or eliminate the risk of choking, and properly perform the Heimlich maneuver.


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Heimlich Heroes™ is an agent of change, training tens of thousands in the Heimlich Maneuver® each year. We’re on mission to ensure everyone has the opportunity for training. Every purchase you make in our store supports our program and extends our reach. Purchasing materials and products here not only enhances the training experience, but afterwards serves as an invaluable reminder. Scouts can earn badges. Bookmarks and posters remind and reinforce the training messages.


To have a kid be able to actually try to do the Heimlich maneuver is both engaging and provides a lot more learning. I have already recommended to other den leaders in my Cub Scout pack. Our pack chair is going to share it with the district. Every Webelo working on their Readyman badge (which is first aid) should use this program. You took what might have been a dry and boring meeting into an interactive and fun session with a superior learning outcome. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Greg Cohen, BSA Pack 426, Den 8

Wonderful program! Having a group of boys and pulling out dolls… they were all laughing at the thought of playing with dolls. But once they found out there was a purpose with the dolls, it was all good. The fact they learned a thing or two was awesome.
— June Wolf, Boy Scout Troop 984

I loved the program. I had been trained in the Navy and have saved 3 people with the Heimlich. So when I saw the chance to teach my scouts I jumped on it, and they loved it, they did not want to stop! It was great. Thank you for providing this opportunity. And to Dr. Heimlich for his life saving work. Thank you!   — Stanley Elmore, BSA pack 999 and 708

I loved the program and I think my scouts did too! It was so much better, than if I would have tried to teach them.
— Susan Taliaferro, Cub Scout Pack 169


Would you like to learn more about Heimlich Heroes? Please contact Terri Huntington, Program Manager, at (513) 559-2468 or email THuntington@deaconess-cinti.com.