What is Cub-O-Ree?

Cub-O-Ree is an overnight camping experience designed to give both new and existing Cub Scouts an exciting adventure at the start of the new school year! While at the event, boys will get a taste of what Cub Scouting offers through camping, shooting sports, games, crafts, campfires and spending quality time with their family! In addition to these activities, they will also get to experience events related to the CSI theme! This includes; scavenger hunts, finger printing, and a lot more!

What should you expect at Cub-O-Ree?

Fun! Lots of fun! There will be plenty of activities for the boys and their siblings! And a campfire! One meal is provided at each event. Please visit your Districts registration page for a full list of what you should bring and what meal will be provided to you.

What times does it start?

Each districts Cub-O-Ree varies with the start time. These are listed under the registration for each district.

Who can attend?

ALL Cub Scouts new and existing! The event is designed for the whole family! Cub Scouts, along with Mom, Dad, and siblings are all invited to come spend the night enjoying the Scouting experience as a family. 

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