Property FIX Request

See something at camp or one of our Scout properties that needs some love and care?  Help to make us aware of the items you see so that we can keep the property in tip-top shape for all of our guests.    

Have a maintenance issue to report to Dan Beard Council about one of our properties?

IMPORTANT: Report all emergencies immediately to either 911 or 513-831-8311 at camp.  These include emergencies for health, fire, flood, power outages, etc.

Additional Details

The new FIX system will allow any one of our volunteers, parents, and guests to notify us of a maintenance care need so that it can be addressed quickly and ensure a quality experience for all. 

Simply submit a maintenance service request online by clicking the button above.  One of our helpful property staff will be notified of the request on submission.  After the item has been addressed, you will be notified that it is complete. 

Please feel free to submit any maintenance item that needs addressed.  Perhaps a light bulb is out, a toilet is clogged, a fence rail has fallen, etc.  

IMPORTANT: Report any emergency situations immediately to 911 or 513-831-8311.  Do not use this system as it is intended for general maintenance items.