Financial Assistance

Dan Beard Council Designates Funds to Help with National Membership Fee – How to Apply

Dan Beard Council is excited to share that is has designated funds from its annual budget toward assisting Scouts with membership fees. Funds will be set aside to support Scouts and families who may be negatively impacted by the recent fee increase. Dan Beard Council is committed to ensuring that the fee increase will not be a barrier for any young person’s participation in Scouting.


Those interested in applying for assistance will need to complete the Registration Fee Assistance Application form.
Upon completion, give the form to your unit leader for approval and submission to the Scout Achievement Center via mail, fax, or email. Additional specifics outlined below.


Applications must be submitted to the Scout Achievement Center on or before Wednesday, December 4th.

*IMPORTANT NOTE FOR UNIT LEADERS: Please note that these applications must be submitted prior to recharter.

Please also be sure to work the individual in your your unit who is processing your recharter as this application may impact it.

We recognize that is a short window, however, in working with our volunteer committees, we also recognize the need to provide timely information to your unit prior to the December 13th recharter date. With that, we are committed to reviewing and notifying applicants on or around Friday, December 6th of their application status.

Completed applications can be submitted via:
Email to:
Mail to: Attn Financial Assistance | Dan Beard Council, BSA | 10078 Reading Road | Cincinnati, OH 45241
Fax to: 513-577-7738


Assistance for the 2020 Recharter Process will be up to $27 for each application.  A lesser amount may be given subject to the total number of applications received and amount of funds available.


*PLEASE NOTE:  This chart is to help provide some overall guidance on eligibility.  This chart does not limit someone from potentially qualifying and shouldn’t necessarily prevent someone from applying, but rather is meant to serve as a guideline based on national assistance programs.  Each families circumstance is different and should be expressed on their application.

 These values reflect suggested household income levels that are typically in line with assistance programs.

Family Size             Yearly                      Monthly        Weekly

2                            $31,284                     $2,607            $602

3                            $39,461                     $3,289            $759

4                            $47,638                     $3,970            $917

5                            $55,815                    $4,652         $1,074

6                            $63,992                    $5,333         $1,231

  7                            $72,169                     $6,015          $1,388

 8                            $80,346                    $6,696          $1,546


Registration Assistance is funded in part by local support through Friends of Scouting.    The Dan Beard Council, BSA promotes Scouting and does not want any Cub Scout, Scout BSA, or Venturer to miss the opportunity offered by our Council due to financial hardship (suggested eligibility guideline chart above).

“A Scout is Thrifty.”  The Boy Scouts of America and the Dan Beard Council encourage all Scouts to pay their own way to Scouting activities, as this philosophy supports the basic aims of Scouting.  However, we realize that some Scouts need a little extra help at times in order to participate. The Registration Fee Assistance program is designed to aid Scouting families in these circumstances.

We encourage Scouting units and families to help Scouts earn funds for Scouting participation.  Here are some suggested methods for fundraising:

1.  Sell Popcorn and/ or Camp Cards! The unit can allocate a portion of its commission to individual salesperson.
2.  Ask your chartered partner for support.  Perhaps the Scout can perform special service or a work project in return for assistance.
3.  Each Scout should be encouraged to save money on their own (ex.- mowing lawns, shoveling snow, other odd jobs).

If, after trying all of the above, the unit finds that a Scout still needs financial help, the Dan Beard Council Registration Assistance program will attempt to provide assistance.  The unit leader or the unit Committee Chair must discreetly work with the family and carefully follow the procedure outlined below:


Make sure that all other sources of funds have been exhausted before requesting assistance.  Funds are  limited, and we may not be able to meet all requests.  We need your help to see that dollars are provided to those who most need assistance.  Requesting funds for someone who doesn’t truly need it may prevent another deserving Scout from receiving assistance. 

We have provided a chart on this page to help provide some overall guidance on eligibility.  This does not limit someone from potentially applying or qualifying, but serves as a guideline. 

A parent or unit leader must fill out the Assistance Application (reverse side in hard copy or download at  The comments on each application will be treated as confidential and only members of the Staff will have access to this information.  The application must be filled out completely and signed by both the unit leader and the parent requesting assistance.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Applications must be signed and submitted to the Scout Achievement Center no later than December 4, 2019. Submissions can be made by mail, fax or email.

  • Each application will be carefully and objectively reviewed, based solely on the degree of need as indicated on the form.
  • Applications approved for assistance for the 2020 recharter process will be up to $27 for each application. A lesser amount may be given, subject to the total number of applications received and amount of funds available.
  • Assistance applications will be reviewed and notifications sent on or around Friday, December 6, 2019.
  • Acceptance of the Assistance Application at the notified amount will be automatic and the unit leader will be notified.
  • Youth receiving assistance must be enrolled as a registered Scout or the assistance will be forfeited.
  • Assistance funds are non-refundable and non-transferable if a youth cancels their registration.