Whether you are part of a Scouting unit, a community organization, or a business, the Dan Beard Council camping facilities are a great place to hold your next event! The facilities at our camps can be rented by the day, prices are always reasonable, and many outdoor programs and activities can be provided for your group. This page is a portal for your to learn more about the facilities available for rental at Camp Friedlander, Cub World, Camp Craig and Camp Michaels; review our usage guidelines; and make a reservation. We can’t wait to see you at camp!

The Dan Beard Council is happy to offer use of our Council Camps, Equipment, and Programs throughout the year.  Non-summer usage of DBC Camps includes reservations of campsites, shelters, and program centers, equipment rental, tours, use of the shooting ranges, COPE/Climbing, aquatics events, hiking, and much more!

Booking of these facilities, equipment, and activities is all processed through the new ScoutTools Reservation system. Because of high demand of our facilities and our need to know who and when the properties are being used, we require all reservations be made with at least 72 hours advanced notice.  Some reservations, such as those for COPE/Climbing activities, shooting range use, or swimming/boating, require 30 days’ notice or more. As you make your camp reservations, the check-out process will allow you to submit payment by e-check, or credit/debit card.  Any payments of cash or checks must be submitted at the Scout Achievement Center in Evendale.

Our camps have high usage nearly every weekend, so we encourage you to make your reservations as far in advance as possible to confirm the facilities you want.  Dan Beard Council’s camps have something for everyone; we look forward to hosting your group!

Making Camp Reservations is Easy!

  1. Determine the needs of your group, the dates of your event, and what activities you would like to participate in. Have the name, email, and phone number on hand for at least one Adult Leader who will be with the group during your event. Also have a good idea of the group head count (the more accurate the better)!  See availability center for costs and details.  Learn More About Our Camps here.
  2. Review the Camp Usage Guidelines. You must understand agree to these terms in order to make a reservation.
  4. Questions about reservations or Camp usage? Contact: Michael Stamat, Camp Experience Director, at 513-577-7694 or michael.stamat@scouting.org

Map of Camp Friedlander
Map of Cub World
Map of Camp Craig
Map of Camp Michaels

When You Arrive at Camp

  1. Be sure all group participants are aware of the camp policies and procedures as outlined in the Camp Usage Guidelines.
  2. Coordinate your arrival time with your group. You may find it useful to meet in the parking lot prior to checking in to camp.
  3. Campmasters will be available after 5PM on Friday.
  4. Check in with the Campmaster:
    1. If you are visiting Camp Friedlander or Camp Craig, the Campmaster can be reached by cellphone at (513) 659-9838 after 5pm on Fridays.
    2. If you are visiting Cub World or Lower Craig, the Campmaster can be reached by cellphone at (513) 659-9832 after 5pm on Fridays.
    3. If you are visiting Camp Michaels, check in with the Caretaker, Doug Eifert, at the caretaker home at the entrance to the camp.
    4. If no Campmaster is on duty, please check-in with the Rangers at the Rangers station.
  5. If you have any problems or needs during your stay, please contact the Campmasters for assistance.
  6. Check out with the Campmaster or Rangers before you leave camp.

Questions?  Contact: Michael Stamat II, Camp Experience Director, at 513-518-3217 or michael.stamat@scouting.org