This is a great way to show your Cub Scouting pride on Facebook

Share your Cub Scouting pride with friends, family members and that classmate from high school you’ve been meaning to get back in touch with.

With these new Facebook profile picture frames, you can show that you’re a proud Cub Scout mom or Cub Scout dad or part of a proud Cub Scout family.

You can add them to your Facebook profile photo in seconds!

The frames serve two equally awesome purposes: one, they tell the world that you’re a big part of this incredible movement called Scouting, and two, they invite your Facebook friends to ask you for more information about joining your Cub Scout pack.

First, see what the frames look like. Then read how to add one to your photo.


Scout profile frames: multiple options

We’ve already seen proud Scout families use these frames on Facebook. You can too!

#ScoutSHARE Day Facebook Frame Available Sept. 1

Don’t forget to use the #ScoutSHARE Day Facebook Frame on Friday, Sept. 1st.


How to add a Scout profile picture frame on Facebook

1. Head to

2. Type in “Dan Beard Council” in the search box to use one of the Dan Beard Council Facebook Frames.

3. Select your desired frame and scale your profile photo as needed. This way you can avoid blocking key parts of your photo with the additional graphics. You also have the option to swap in another photo by selecting “Change Picture.”

4. Select “Use as Profile Picture,” at the bottom of the page to make your changes final. You can set a timeline for how long you’d like to keep this frame on your profile, as well.

5. Be Prepared for your friends and family to be in awe of your photo’s cool, new look.

Click here to learn more about #ScoutSHARE