Dan Beard Council Local Statement

National Boy Scouts of America Announces Managed Chapter 11 Financial Restructuring

Dan Beard Council is an Independently Governed Locally Funded Nonprofit Organization

CINCINNATI (February 18, 2020) – The  national organization of the Boy Scouts of America headquartered in Texas has announced a managed Chapter 11 financial restructuring as part of a plan to establish a compensation trust for victims who suffered abuse during their time in Scouting, as well as to ensure that BSA can continue to carry out its mission to serve youth, families and local communities through its programs.

Only the national organization has filed for Chapter 11. The Dan Beard Council is an independently governed and locally funded nonprofit organization that is separate and distinct from the national organization and is not part of the national organization’s action. Dan Beard Council is responsible for providing programming, financial, facility and administrative support to local units and individual Scouts in our local community. All Dan Beard Council Pack, Troop & Crew meetings, local activities, countless service projects, and other Scouting adventures will continue as usual. 

“Scouting in our region is strong, and we will continue to serve local families with a program of character building, citizenship training, and leadership development that instills values for a lifetime.  Additionally, the safety of children in Scouting is our absolute top priority and the Dan Beard Council remains as committed as ever to delivering the safest and highest quality Scouting programs in our area with dedicated volunteers and Scouting families in our communities.  There is no scenario under consideration in which our council will file for a Chapter 11 financial restructuring,” said Andy Zahn, Scout Executive and CEO of the Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Zahn added that the Dan Beard Council’s local Board of Directors is keeping a pulse on the developments of the national organization in Texas, but in the meantime, the Dan Beard Council remains focused on its key initiatives: urban and rural outreach, workforce preparedness, and the traditional Scouting programs.

Our resolve to keep youth safe is paramount and our commitment is unwavering.  In every decade, Scouting has been at the forefront of implementing the best youth protection and safety practices. In addition, the BSA has, for years, funded in-person counseling for any current or former Scout who was a victim of abuse as well as victims’ family members, by a provider of their choice. As an extension of this commitment to supporting victims, the BSA recently announced a partnership with 1in6, a trusted national resource for male survivors, to expand their services so that victims of abuse are able to anonymously access vital support from trained advocates when and how they need it. 

Scouting will continue to provide unparalleled programs to young people – keeping them safe, supported and protected as it prepares them for their futures. The BSA today has some of the strongest, expert-informed youth protection policies found in any youth-serving organization, including mandatory youth protection training and background checks for all volunteers and staff, as well as policies that prohibit one-on-one interaction between youth and adults and require all volunteers and staff to report any suspected abuse to law enforcement.  There is a zero-tolerance policy for any and all abusive behavior.  Scouting volunteers and employees take youth protection policies and procedures extremely seriously and do their part to help keep kids safe. 

Additional information about the BSA’s multilayered safeguards and a video of the youth protection training course that is mandatory for all volunteers and employees is available at

The national organization’s press release can be viewed here. 

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