New for Cub Camp Adventures!  Fishing at Cub World.

We are excited to announce the addition of a brand new facility at Cub World.  This new facility will offer many programs throughout the year, and will be ready just in time for Cub Camp Adventures! this summer.  It will host fishing programs, STEM activities, and other outdoor education programs.  Stay tuned for updates throughout the spring as we work to bring fishing to Cub World.

Fishing is an iconic summer camping experience that has long been missing from Cub World.  Make sure you come out to Cub Camp Adventures! and drop a line in the new pond and check out all Cub World has to offer.

In honor of the Duke Energy Foundation, Louise Taft Semple Foundation, Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, Skyler Foundation and Virgil Reed, we had a wonderful Shrimp boil celebration on June 27 2015. With their support we were able to build the Outdoor Education Center —which includes the new Cub World pond and the new Lefty’s Bait Shack — where our Cub Scouts will catch their first fish, learn skills and make memories that will last a life time.