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Position: Camp Friedlander Summer Camp Director (21+)


Job Summary:

The Camp Friedlander Camp Director is a seasonable employee who is responsible for the successful planning and delivery of the Camp Friedlander Boy Scout summer camp program. Through collaboration with the professional staff, Council Camping Committee, and summer camp staff, the Camp Friedlander Camp Director will work to ensure a quality hiring process of camp staff, lead the planning of summer camp programs and logistics, and ensure adherence to National Camp Standards. The Camp Friedlander Camp Director will serve as the on-site Camp Director, ensuring the quality delivery of the Camp Friedlander summer camp experience.


* Oversee all operations of Camp Friedlander summer camp.

* In collaboration with the Council Camping Committee, camp staff, Camping Director, and Director of Program Support Services, develop the highest quality summer camp program plan.

* In collaboration with the Camp Commissioner, ensure that leaders enjoy their stay at camp and enhance their contribution to the movement.

* Provide leadership to the overall customer experience, maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and engagement at all stages of the camp experience.

* Promote interest for, identify, and hire a full, quality camp staff following a rigid application and interview process.

* Provide strong financial management and budget control of expenses related to the Camp Friedlander summer camp program.

* Work with the Program Director to manage the development and implementation of new summer camp programs and develop a high quality overall camp program.

* Work with the Lead Ranger to ensure the highest quality facilities support the summer camp program plan.

* Train, develop and mentor the camp staff.

* Provide leadership to the Scoutmaster Orientation Dinner.

* Provide leadership to the NCAP Accreditation process and working with the Lead Ranger, Cub World Camp Director, and Camping Director, ensure compliance with all the applicable mandatory standards, including maintaining all of the certifications and requirements of the Camp Director position.

* Provide a written year-end report which should include opening and closing procedures, daily operating procedures, daily and weekly programs, suggestions to improve the program for the next year, evaluations, etc.

* Additional duties as assigned by supervisor.

Job Qualifications:

* Must be 21 years old or older.

* Meet the membership requirements of a Scouting adult volunteer.

* Strong communication and time management skills

* Have ability with interpersonal relations, and to work closely with volunteers and staff.

* Availability to attend National Camping School training.

For more information, please contact Jason Pigg, Camping Director, at (513) 577-7706 or