After the BSA Board of Directors’ historic decision to welcome girls into Scouting, many in the Scouting community had just one question: When can my daughter sign up?

Other Scouters had more specific questions about the reasons for the move, implementation and rollout plan.

On Oct. 30, I asked Scouters to submit their questions for BSA Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh. By the time we recorded the video last week, we had received more than 400 questions.

I read each one, organized them by topic and took a representative sample of 22 questions directly to our Chief. He spoke openly and candidly for nearly 30 minutes.

For the best experience, watch the complete video of our discussion below.

But if you’re short on time, scroll for a question-by-question breakdown. I’ve included the video timestamp so you can jump directly to the answers that most interest you.

Watch the complete video

The questions and timestamps

1. How was the decision made? Hear the answer at: 0:27

Question from: Chris S., a committee chairman in the Atlanta Area Council

2. Was decision driven by revenue and/or membership? Hear the answer at: 5:24

Question from: Willis R., camping chairman for the Longs Peak Council

3. Was decision about lining pockets of BSA executives? Hear the answer at: 6:41

Question from: Greg L., a member of the district advancement committee in the Atlanta Area Council

4. Will all-boy Cub Scout packs be allowed? Hear the answer at: 7:43

Question from: Sean W., an assistant Scoutmaster from the National Capital Area Council

5. What will the organization be called? Hear the answer at: 9:13

Question from: Aidan F., an Eagle Scout living in South Africa as part of the Transatlantic Council

6. Will all-boy language and imagery in handbooks change? Hear the answer at: 10:07

Question from: Sam S., a Scoutmaster in the Greater New York Councils

7. Was the Girl Scouts of the USA approached? Hear the answer at: 11:19

Question from: Julie K., an assistant Scoutmaster from the Western Los Angeles County Council

8. How will packs find enough volunteers for single-gender dens? Hear the answer at: 12:35

Question from: Donald K., an assistant Scoutmaster from the Hawk Mountain Council

9. Can packs have the option to make dens co-ed? Hear the answer at: 13:50

Question from: Jessica M., a den leader from the Old North State Council

10. Will Cub Scouting become fully “co-ed” in a few years? Hear the answer at: 14:53

Question from: Bill K., a district chairman from the National Capital Area Council

11. Will there be a uniform styled and/or cut for women and girls? Hear the answer at: 15:33

Question from: Asiya S., a den leader from the Northeast Georgia Council

12. Will dens and packs be required to register girls? Hear the answer at: 16:26

Question from: A female Scouter from Florida, who asked to remain anonymous

13. When in 2018 can packs start welcoming girls? Hear the answer at: 16:59

Question from: Jenny H., a Cubmaster from the Cascade Pacific Council

14. How will the program for older girls, debuting in 2019, work? Hear the answer at: 17:40

Question from: Allie G., an advancement chairwoman in the Pathway to Adventure Council

15. Will there be a pilot of the older-girl program? Hear the answer at: 19:31

Question from: Jennifer Z., a parent from the San Diego Imperial Council 1

6. How will the adult-leader requirements change? Hear the answer at: 20:23

Question from: Rich B., an assistant Scoutmaster in the North Florida Council

17. What about sleeping arrangements and restrooms at camp? Hear the answer at: 20:59

Question from: Michelle D. of the Dan Beard Council

18. What about inappropriate situations at camp? Hear the answer at: 21:44

Question from: Stacey G., a den leader in the Southwest Florida Council

19. Will the BSA help girls feel included and not “second-class citizens”? Hear the answer at: 22:28

Question from: The 9-year-old daughter of Kathleen P., a parent from Florida

20. Once young women can start working toward Eagle in 2019, will they use a different set of requirements? Hear the answer at: 23:18

Question from: Debbie P., a committee member from the Iroquois Trail Council

21. What will happen to Venturing? Hear the answer at: 24:16

Question from: Julie P., an associate crew advisor from the Cascade Pacific Council

22. The change is happening. How can we encourage other Scouters to embrace it? Hear the answer at: 24:59

Question from: Erik D., an assistant Scoutmaster from the Chief Seattle Council

For more information about the expanded opportunities for family Scouting, please visit the family Scouting page.